BTS' Jungkook reveals what he thought after his jacket popped open during Seoul concert

Updated on Mar 21, 2022 07:12 AM IST
  • BTS: Jungkook revealed what crossed his mind after his jacket popped open during their Seoul concert. He thought if he should completely unbutton it.
Jungkook's jacket popped open during BTS' Seoul concert.
Jungkook's jacket popped open during BTS' Seoul concert.

BTS member Jungkook replied to a fan who asked him about his jacket getting unbuttoned during their recent concert in Seoul. On the last day of the Permission To Dance on Stage concert, Jungkook was seen struggling with his blazer button as it popped open. During their Fake Love performance, Jungkook struggled and chuckled as the button kept on opening. He managed to fix it after a few tries. (Also Read | BTS PTD on Stage Seoul day 3: Jungkook struggles with his blazer button, chuckles as it pops open during concert. Watch)

Recently, Jungkook along with the other group members RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V held a live session on V Live. However, Jin wasn't present with them as he underwent surgery for his finger injury.

During the live, a fan asked, "What happened to Jungkook’s shirt during Fake Love?" At this, Suga asked if the button really popped off and Jungkook replied, as translated by Twitter user @btsbaragi_jk, "It got unbuttoned." The other members started teasing him. Suga asked, "You didn’t do that on purpose?" Jimin said, "You seemed to be continuously laughing and smiling as you performed." RM said, "I saw him before we went in (on stage) and he was pulling it off (at the thread) a lot."

Jungkook said, "The reason I laughed is because I buttoned it up once but it got undone again so I was dumbfounded." Suga reminded RM that previously he had once accidentally ripped off Jungkook's buttons. To this Jungkook, added, "I did give it a thought. Since its already unbuttoned, should I unbutton another one? Should I just completely unbutton it?’"

V chimed in saying, "I think it would be nice if you performed by taking it off one day." Jungkook replied, "No, not for me. I’m not ready yet." Jimin added, "As far as I know, at the time, the fans couldn’t hold back their cheers and a sound came out of their mouths." He was speaking of the time during the concert when Jungkook's blazer got unbuttoned.

Suga asked Jungkook, "I heard you went in after putting in on oil on day three." While RM and J-Hope laughed, Jungkook said, "But I always do that since I have to show my abs. Always have to be prepared."

Speaking about Jin, Suga said that he is taking rest and Jimin added that he is recovering well. RM said, "Don't worry too much, you guys, he said he's okay. The surgery was short and he's okay honestly." The live saw Jin's representative, BT21 character RJ's soft toy. Referring to it, Jungkook said, "That's why this friend came (RJ). Jimin said, "Jin hyung (brother) told us to convey his greeting to you guys. We saw him today" and RM added, "On seeing him, he was doing fine."

Next, their conversation steered towards their Instagram accounts. Suga asked J-Hope if he has deleted all his Instagram photos. J-Hope replied, "No. I moved a couple over to archive. I didn't delete it. I moved them to the archive. Turns out you can bring them back later. I searched about it."

Jimin also spoke on why he doesn't share posts on Instagram regularly. He said, "With Instagram, I can’t go on it because I’m scared I might press something wrong." As RM urged him to share posts he said he will.

The members concluded the session by saying that they will hold another live in Las Vegas. BTS will perform in Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium on April 8, April 9, April 15, and April 16.

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