Preity Zinta conquers her fear of water

It looks like Preity Zinta deserves another bravery award, this time for conquering her fear of water. She had resolved to get over her phobia while she was shooting a commercial in Maldives recently.
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Updated on Sep 08, 2009 04:11 PM IST
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Darna mana hai
Hola ho my rosogullas! How sweet is life treating you? There’s so much meetha happening around me ki kya bataon? If it gets any more sugary, I’ll turn diabetic, I tell you.

Khair, for starters, it looks like Preity Zinta deserves another bravery award, this time for conquering her fear of water.

I’m told she had resolved to get over her phobia while she was shooting a commercial in Maldives recently. And chose to do it the adventure sports way.

Her trainer, who had accompanied her to the shoot, was initially apprehensive when the skunky actress expressed her desire to learn scuba and deep sea diving. He pointed out to her that if the feeling of fear overpowered her, she might give up on life altogether.

But Zinta was not to be deterred. She slipped on her costume, hooked up her goggles and oxygen tank and went plunging into the sea.. and soon was reveling in underwater life.

I’m told she wants to try skydiving next. Seems she’s taking time off after the IPL tournament to fly high, literally. Wah, whatta gal!

For my friend
Achha listen.. Madhu my Mottu Maid has moved up in life.. she’s strolled in with my morning Earl Gray cuppa proudly announcing that she has a tiddy bitty on Akshay Kumar today. She’s all praise for him for being hat ke from the starry brigade.

Kyun? Kyun ki Akki didn’t charge a penny for dancing at the wedding of construction magnate Vicky Oberoi’s sister on Thursday. Why am I not surprised? Because Akki and Vicky have been dosts for ages now. Mots can be so gullible in her efforts to earn brownie points with me.

And by now everyone knows that he took Kylie Minogue to her first big fat Indian wedding. Given Kylie’s presencee and his equation with the CEO of Oberoi Constructions, how could he have asked to be paid for his starry item number? Will you grow up Mottu!

So..phie, so good
Oi oi.. Rapchik Rajni was at a private party in Juhu a couple of nights ago. That chick does get around. Well, she was grooving it up when who should walk in but Fardeen Khan. Now Rapchick has this king-size crush on Khan so she dashed off to keep him company. But guess who beat her? Sophie Chaudhary.

The former VJ soon engaged FK junior in a conversation that went on and on. And bechari Rapchick was reduced to an ivy on the wall.

Do I laugh or do I cry?

Hanging around
Mottu’s back and she is cribbing about director Prakash Jha being oh-so-tough on Arjun Rampal during the shoot of Rajniti. She claims that the nirdeshak insisted that Rampal hang around on the sets even when he was not required. And you won’t believe what’s his reasoning? He wants the dude to be in character, constantly. What’s he afraid of? That Arjun will suddenly turn into an uber cool rock star or wot?

According to Mottu, Jha feels that since Rampal hasn’t done much serious work, his approach is pretty much chilled out. And he’s guiding him in the right direction. Now just hope Arjun doesn’t turn up in a dhoti for one of my parties next. I prefer him in leather and denim. What say?

Mottu’s still blabbering that Rampal doesn’t mind Jha’s way of working but she does. Yeah right, go make your own movie now, Mots.

Big expectations
Oi oi.. isn’t it a little too late in the day for anyone to remake Big, the big Hollywood hit, in apna Bollywood? Doesn’t
anyone remember that Salman Khan has already experimented with that script in Chandramukhi many many moons ago.. and it had flopped big time too.

But Aftab Shivdasani is aspiring to succeed where Sallu bhai failed.. and has completed his maiden production venture which is apparently inspired from the Tom Hanks fantasy flick. It features Aamna Shariff, whom he’s currently in a relationship with.

Earlier it was called Sabse Peeche Hum Khade.. but now Faffy wants to change the title.. what will he call it, I shudder to even think.

That’s not all, Faffy and Aamna are reportedly telling everyone that their film will be a big hit and then all big nirmatas and nirdeshaks will chase them with offers. Such high hopes!

But then such is life dearies.

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