Hina Khan wears her late father's tshirt for her Instagram live chat session.
Hina Khan wears her late father's tshirt for her Instagram live chat session.

Hina Khan admits she 'did not take precautions while returning from Srinagar', tests negative for Covid-19

  • Hina Khan revealed that she has now tested negative for coronavirus, but admitted that she did not take precautions which led to her diagnosis.
PUBLISHED ON MAY 13, 2021 08:05 AM IST

Actor Hina Khan has tested negative for Covid-19 and updated her fans about her health late Wednesday. Hina did a late night live chat with fans on Instagram where she informed fans about testing negative for coronavirus, and added that she did not take precautions when she travelled back to Mumbai upon her father's death last month.

Hina said during the Instagram chat, "I am fine, but I think, while returning from Srinagar, I did not really take any precautions. I was not in a state of mind, which is why whatever happened, happened. But thank god, my family tested negative. I know I did not take precautions while coming back and it resulted into me testing positive. But that is okay, I am pretty okay now, I have tested negative."

She also said, "I am okay, I am much better. I have tested negative but I still have some cough and some heaviness in my chest. I am on the road to recovery. It will take some time."

Hina also talked about her late father and added, "No, I am fine, I am very strong, I am my daddy's strong girl. I am wearing his tshirt." She added with a smile, "He is there, everywhere." Hina could be seen in a peach and white shirt. In a previous post, her father was seen wearing the same shirt.


She also thanked fans for their support. "Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for checking on me. I did not see all of it, but I got to know."

She also talked about her latest project, Pathhar Wargi, her new music video that will be out on Friday. Hina later posted the chat on her Instagram and captioned it as, "Smile #DaddysStrongGirl #PattharWargi Releasing on 14th may."

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Hina's post got much love from many of her industry friends. Nidhi Uttam responded with, "Extremely happy to see you back Hina loads of love and strength and prayers your way." Milind Gadagkar wrote, "Lots of love and wishes to you.. You are an inspiration for many." Kushal Tandon commented, "Strong gurl , I can feel ur loss , time is the biggest healer stay strong."

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