Several shows were marred in controversy and faced boycott calls.
Several shows were marred in controversy and faced boycott calls.

Threats and intimidation to artistes have no place in the creative space

Makers and artistes admit that there could be disagreements over content of any film or show but same should be brought forward using the right channel only.
By Juhi Chakraborty
UPDATED ON MAR 05, 2021 04:59 PM IST

In recent times, there has been a spate of cases of threats of intimidation, violence and death issued to artists, directors and producers of films and shows. According to a survey by LocalCircles, 70% OTT users do not approve of threats of intimidation, violence and death issued to artists, directors and producers of movies and shows.

Applauding how the audiences no longer tolerates bullying by fringe elements of the society, actor Amol Parashar says while threats to artistes are not desirable and he is happy to see that a majority of people don’t believe in this.

“It is just those small numbers and those small numbers are noisy, so if the survey said people don’t agree with it then we have to take cognizance of it. We let the noise drown out the silence of the wise people. I believe majority people of this world are wise and they know the right from wrong and it is just that they are wise enough to be quiet. They don’t make noise about it. They don’t create a ruckus. It is a very small number which creates a ruckus. They are doing I for attentions and have no merit,” shares the actor, who has done web projects such as series Tripling, A Viral Wedding and film, Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare.

Many of the members who participated in the survey said that such threats should have no place in the society and if they are not acted upon sternly and swiftly by law enforcement agencies, they will only increase over time.

Paatal Lok actor Abhishek Banerjee says, “I have heard this that cinema is mirror of the society there has to be some layers of that. It cannot be a glossy world and a Barbie doll world that sab accha hai. It has to send you a message about the society you are living in so that you face the truths and then you decide. I don’t think audience is looking for munchies on OTT.”

According to many OTT users, the concern or grievance of an individual or a group of individuals or an organisation must be raised through appropriate pre-defined Government channels.

Slamming the attacks on actor, Elnaaz Norouzi, who rose to fame after starring in web series Sacred Games, which had landed in controversy upon its release, says, “People have to be open minded and not look at things the way it is projected. Filmmaker and actors, we are all humans too. I don’t think we have to be picked on and threatened because of the creative work we do.”

So how does one deal with them? Parashar feels that as long as the crirticisms don’t reach the threat level, it is all good.

“When people say that constructive that they didn’t like the scene, they didn’t like the language, I appreciate that because that sounds genuine. I can respond to that and I appreciate that, not everybody has to like everything. That is genuine conversation. The recent event does not even look like it is genuine. It is like agendas are different,” he shares.

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