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Work wise

Focus on your positive points, rather than blaming others for taking credit for your hard work.

entertainment Updated: Mar 14, 2010 01:23 IST
Chetna Joshi Bambroo
Chetna Joshi Bambroo
Hindustan Times

Do you feel unappreciated and trapped in your job? A la Kartik in the film

Kartik Calling Kartik


Do you feel that none of your hard work is ever acknowledged, and your colleagues take away all the credit. Are you always disatisfied with your appraisals.

Well... ask the bosses, and they will tell you that all the “Kartiks” and ‘non-Kartiks” feel the same. HT City spoke with a few professionals and most of them agreed that good ‘performers’ in most organisations are the outspoken, smarter alecs. So what people who work and yet feel sidelined do in such a scenario?

Vent your anger

“Watching a film and coming out with an experience that you may forget is a different thing. But living such a life is difficult. It may sound pompous, but the thing I can’t say in front of my boss I would love to announce it here. I put my heart and soul at my workplace but when the time to reap benefits comes, my colleague takes all the credit,” says Puneet Malik, a banker. Puneet’s disgust for his colleague doesn’t end here. “I abuse him day and night and wish the silliest of things for him,” adds Puneet.

There may be many ways to vent out your feelings but it’s better if the outcome is fruitful too. “The best thing to do is keep your boss posted about the work you do,” suggests psychiatrist Sanjay Chugh.

Help yourself

“I remember I was an intern with a publishing house where there were other interns as well. One of them used to take all the credit for the ‘outstanding work’ all us used to do together. He used to portray as if he was the mind behind the whole idea and, sadly we

finished our internship him seeing a permanent recruit there,” says Vidhur Viz, 31.

Though he didn’t register the problem well then, now he’s well versed with the nuances of the workplace. “I am very blunt now, so people don’t mess with me,” adds Vidhur.

Work patent

While most learn the tricks of the trade at work, others just try to be smart. “If I come across a person who tries to take the onus of the ‘good’ work I do, I bluntly expose him/her in the meeting,” says Anamika Sharma, a media professional.

But its always good to be subtle, says Dr Chugh. “One must keep one’s boss posted about the situation but more than this, one should work upon his/her insecurity. However, be practical and use subtle ways to patent your work,” he adds.

First Published: Mar 13, 2010 20:03 IST