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Are you a stiletto or ballet babe?

It’s amusing but true; experts say the shoe styles you choose can go on to say a little something about your personality.

fashion and trends Updated: Jan 13, 2011 00:48 IST
Roma Arora
Roma Arora
Hindustan Times

It’s amusing but true; experts say the shoe styles you choose can go on to say a little something about your personality.

Ever wondered why Victoria Beckham finds it too tough to let go of her killer heels, even when she is on leisurely stroll with the kids in a neighbourhood park? Or why does our desi diva Deepika Padukone, likes to wear a flat pair of pumps even at the most stylish soirees? If pop psychologists are to be believed the shoe a girl wears goes on to reveal some important personality traits.

We get our expert panel to throw on some more light on what a shoe says about a girl.

Wedge and Platforms
Expert speak:
Designer Sikander Bakht says, “A woman who loves wearing wedges loves to be high on style and wants to get noticed but doesn’t wants to trade it all at the cost of her comfort.”

HeelsAccessory designer Sabbah Sharma says, "Wedges signify someone who is very sophisticated because even if the priority is comfort, this person makes it a point to add an up-factor by choosing wedges over flats." Designer Sameer Singh says, "Women who love platforms are clever dressers they know how to combine comfort with oomph."

Who’s wearing it: Kajol & Juila Roberts

Pretty Peep Toes
Expert speak:
This one’s for the girl who believes in the old-world charm and romanticism. Peep toes are normally worn by girls who love the idea of feminine dressing. According to a survey, too men found peep toes sexy as they just revealed a hint of toes. Shoe designer Swati Mehrotra says, “Peep toes are normally chosen by women who are modern, stable, elegant, but still want to take it easy without being too daring and bold.”

Who’s wearing it: Kangna Ranaut and Sienna Miller

Sky High Stilettos
For a lover of high style it’s okay to have no designer clothes, but a shoedrobe without a stylish stiletto is not pardonable. Designer Sikandar Bakht says, “A killer heel for centuries has been the ultimate seduction tool for women. It signifies a woman who is a worshipper of all things fashionable. The fact that a woman endures discomfort like bunions just to sail in style shows that she loves vanity. It also shows that she is in total control of herself and is very confident.” Shoes designer Sameer Singh says, “A stiletto woman is the real power woman. She knows her mind and doesn’t like people messing with her.’’

Who’s wearing it: Malaika Arora & Victoria Beckham

Ballerina pumps and flats
Designer Sikhandar Bakht says, “ Flat sandals look trendy and smart, women who want to have a relaxed and non-fussy life enjoy wearing them. While flat shoes may not be every woman’s idea of party accessories, but women who do wear them are supremely sure and comfortable in their skins. They are the ones who don’t believe in joining the style rat race and follow their own dictates, which also translates into other arenas of their lives rather than just dressing.”

Who’s wearing it: Deepika Padukone & Katie Holmes

Sneak into Sneakers
This one is for ladies who can’t get over the tom-boyish style and comfort is what ranks at the highest order. “Sneakers are for women who want to have fun and they also have casual and carefree approach towards life. It may also signify that she is a fitness freak. Sneakers takes her back to the school and college days and reveal more about a woman’s personality than anything else she puts on her body,” says accessory designer Sabbah Sharma.

Who’s wearing it: Genelia D’souza & Hillary Duff

First Published: Jan 12, 2011 15:34 IST