Beauty hacks: Go au naturale in a jiffy with these steps.(iStock)
Beauty hacks: Go au naturale in a jiffy with these steps.(iStock)

Beauty hacks: Go au naturale in a jiffy with these steps

This winter, follow this simple and time-saving morning routine to get that natural glow.
Hindustan Times | By Gayathri Menon
UPDATED ON DEC 11, 2019 01:57 PM IST

No matter how many years we spend trying to master the perfect makeup routine, we never seem to hit the bull’s eye and narrow down on that one pattern that suits your skin the best. And especially in the mornings, when we are already having a tough time dealing with the busiest part of the day, focusing on skincare or makeup becomes rather difficult. When we are busy fixing our hair and makeup or choosing the day’s outfit, more often than not, skincare routines take a back seat. Sure, there are multiple products to use, but how does one decide which product is important? How does one ace the natural look when you want those two extra minutes of sleep? Fret not, as we bring you a few simple steps that you can follow to ace the perfect natural look in less than five minutes.

Prep the skin

Prepping the skin is the most important step that most beauty experts swear by. It is imperative to prep your face with a good primer before applying makeup. It is the best way to get the right complexion before the first drop of makeup hits your face. It will also help the makeup stay intact for a longer period of time.

Brows on point

If you are in a hurry to leave the house, this is the most basic and essential quick fix. Filling in your brows makes it seem like you have everything in place, and gives your face a well-rounded finish. Most makeup artists suggest not to step out without filling in your brows, no matter how thick or scanty they are.

Conceal it

One of the best investments when it comes to beauty is a concealer, that can also be doubled as foundation (when used sparingly) and is perfect to cover up any acne marks, dark circles and other kinds of blemishes. It helps to cover pigmentation around your mouth as well. It also helps cover the most obvious acne spots and under- eye area.

The eye regime

The area around your eyes needs to become a priority in every makeup routine, as it ages much faster than the rest of your face. Pat on sufficient amount of eye cream to give the area the protection that it needs from makeup that will sit on the area. It also helps in removing visible fine lines.

Setting with powder

This is the step that one must never miss, because nothing does the job quite like setting powder. It is perfect to keep makeup in place, and can ensure that the skin remains oil free. The translucent one doesn’t change the colour of the foundation as well.

This five step skincare-cum-makeup routine, which can be done in under five minutes, will make your mornings easier and more effective. With a dash of mascara and a dab of lip tint, you will be ready take on the day, looking fresh as a daisy!

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