How artificial intelligence is emerging as a game-changer for the Ayurveda industry

Updated on Aug 07, 2019 12:00 PM IST
AI-ing beauty: From calculating beauty using biometrics and analysing data with the help of an AI platform, artificial intelligence is revolutionising the beauty industry. Here’s how.
ByShahnaz Husain

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a new concept on a global scale. Technology is growing more prominent with each passing day, empowering businesses with a wide range of capabilities and impacting our daily life in so many ways. From helping us find the best restaurants in the city to suggesting the next show on an OTT platform, from recommending what to buy to curating relevant travel destinations, AI is indeed making day-to-day life easier for us by understanding our needs better.

However, while this technology has a tremendous potential to reduce the human workload by saving time, costs, and efforts, its application in Ayurveda and the beauty space has not kept pace with the adoption across other industries. It is primarily because Ayurveda, with its ancient roots, is considered an anti-thesis to the revolutionary and futuristic AI. Like oil and water, the common perception holds that they can’t mix.

I say that this mindset is incorrect, at the very least.

Although Ayurveda has been practised in India for over 5,000 years, it is relevant and applicable to the modern era. In fact, I would argue that the drastic changes in our lifestyles and dietary patterns have made it even more relevant – even more essential – in today’s world. The pursuit of beauty is becoming a fight against untimely ageing.

In such a scenario, AI becomes the perfect solution for the Ayurvedic industry, to calculate beauty using biometrics and analyse the data with the help of an AI platform. Let me tell you how.

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The relevance of AI in the Ayurvedic beauty industry

The beauty industry has existed since the advent of Ayurveda and has come a long way since then. Today, the concept of beauty and cosmetics has advanced. For every arc on our face, there is now a product to enhance its appeal and project it beautifully. Ayurvedic cosmetic manufacturers are combining their creations with the advanced scientific know-how of AI to keep up with the digital era and produce highly personalized products.

Since Ayurveda emphasises on holistic beauty and health, doctors believe that the Prakriti (environment) has an affirmative effect on a human being’s ailments and also influences the approaches that are selected for recovery. Scientists have even deliberated on the particles of Ayurvedic ingredients to create databases and connect them to different categories of the environment i.e. the doshas and the combinations of doshas. Ayurvedic data can then be fed into AI-based algorithms to help identify the dosha and enable the selection of Ayurvedic beauty or wellness products accordingly.

A handful of brands in this space are also leveraging AI to build their online channels for the tech-savvy generation, which prefers to shop everything online. They are deploying AI chat-bots to answer all the queries from beauty enthusiasts – and making the answers ever more personalised with every interaction. These interactions are also utilised to help brands to better understand the customer requirements and make custom-made products available online. These products will then suffice individual beauty needs as opposed to offering standard, one-size-fits-all beauty solutions.

As a result of this tech-driven approach, Ayurvedic cosmetic brands are registering positive outcomes in the form of increased sales due to heightened customer experiences and apt product recommendations delivered by the AI system. In fact, a research report from Accenture even stated that AI has the potential to boost profitability rates for businesses – including those in the beauty industry – by an average of 38 percent by 2035.

AI - the beauty game-changer

From servicing the customers to managing e-commerce, an AI system is capable of handling everything with ease and in a small fraction of time. Ayurvedic brands today should make the most of this ongoing digital wave by integrating with AI platforms with which their customers are already interacting. By enabling such a revolutionary, data-driven, decision-based Ayurvedic beauty, skincare advice, and products, artificial intelligence can indeed be a game-changer in the Ayurvedic beauty industry. After all, the future lies in turning the clock back to natural living and Ayurvedic Inheritance – India’s gift to humankind.

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