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Behind closet doors: Karan Tacker

The TV actor is obsessed with shoes. So much so, he sets aside a day just to scrub them clean

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Apr 07, 2016 18:26 IST
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Mumbai, India - Feb. 22, 2016:Closet shoot of Karan Tackerin Mumbai, India, on Monday, February 22, 2016. (Photo by Pratham Gokhale/ Hindustan Times)(Hindustan Times)

The TV actor is obsessed with shoes. So much so, he sets aside a day just to scrub them clean

Sporting spiked hair, a white T-shirt, slightly distressed denims and a pair of Nike slippers, actor Karan Tacker ushers us into his Lokhandwala home. The TV actor, of Rang Badalti Odhni fame, settles into a plush white couch and gets talking about his love for shopping.

Comfort first: “I’m a simple dresser and can’t do trends and fads. My style is boyish and above all, comfortable.”

Monochrome mania: “You’ll find a lot of black and white T-shirts in my closet. I think for a man, pairing a white T-shirt or white shirt with jeans, while heading out is the perfect combination. Guys look better when dressed in simpler colours.”

Tacker’s closet is filled with black and white T-shirts and jeans (Photo: Pratham Gokhale )

Red alert: “I’ve never liked wearing red, although I did wear a red suit for one of my shows and it looked pretty cool. But it isn’t a colour I’d pick for myself.”

Shopping around: “I travel a lot and end up shopping wherever I go. I love to walk into stores when overseas. There’s something surreal about the experience of shopping for high street labels abroad.”

Impulsive much: “I sometimes have the impulse to just walk into a store while coming back from the gym. While shopping, I have to try and feel everything I pick. Online shopping isn’t for me.”

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Brand value: “I love Diesel for jeans, they just know how to make jeans right. Zara’s finally in India and I have several of their T-shirts. Spanish brands like Pull & Bear and Bershka are also great, but they aren’t available in India. I love the boyish vibe that these brands have. I also love clothes from H&M and Topshop.”

Style no-no: “The ultra-skinny jeans and T-shirts are an absolute no. I don’t know how they came into fashion for men — they need to go.”

Tacker’s treasured pair of Black Louis Vuitton brogues (Photo: Pratham Gokhale)

Lavish kicks: “A pair of Louis Vuitton brogues. It was a splurge for me but I fell in love with them. They’re quite old now and I wouldn’t wear them again but I’d never throw them away.”

Shoe fetish: “I am obsessed with shoes — I have a shoe for every occasion and practically in every colour as well. I love sneakers and pick them up every time I travel. I was recently in Spain and saw people dancing in clubs wearing Light Up shoes that looked really funky. I ordered a pair from Red UK London. I’m also possessive of my shoes, even the ones that are really old. I keep them really clean. I pick a day in a week, sit with a toothbrush and bucket and clean my shoes on my own, so that all of them look spic and span.”

Quick picks: “It’s always a white T-shirt and jeans. It looks clean and classy and seems like you’ve done enough even when you haven’t put in a lot of effort.”

Watch it: “I can’t walk out of my house without a watch. There was a time when I didn’t even own a watch, but now it’s something I absolutely cannot do without, even if I’m going to the gym.”

First Published: Apr 07, 2016 00:00 IST