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Hair’s to flower power

Add some floral zing to your tresses this monsoon. Here are some fun and no-fuss hairstyles that will instantly glam up your frizzy mane

fashion and trends Updated: Jun 29, 2013 16:47 IST
Arpita Kala
Arpita Kala
Hindustan Times

Is the rainy season giving you sleepless nights over your frizzy or limp hair? Well, here is how to tame your mane and jump on the floral bandwagon.

Instead of over-using your straightener or curling iron to coerce your hair into a presentable hairstyle, go the natural way and use flowers to amp up your style. From hair twists to braids or simply wearing your hair loose, we tell you how to use the garden beauties to glam up your look So, put away the heating tools and get some flower power.

Floral halo
1 Whip up a floral halo using copper wire that can be twisted in a circular shape. Take flowers with a long stem and wind them on the wire. Secure it with a green tape. You can also stick on sparkly baubles on your halo.
2 To get the perfect tousled waves for this look, wet your hair and divide it into three sections.
3 Apply some hair serum and then style the hair sections into braids. Spritz some hairspray to hold the curls.
4 When the hair is dry, unravel the braids and finger comb your hair.
5 Put on your floral halo and you are ready to go!

A green cuff
1 To prepare a green hair cuff, make a little posy of leaves and flowers. You can add a few stems of tiny flowers like Baby’s Breath for a whimsical look. Tie up the posy with a rubber band.
2 Take a dollop of mousse in you palms, rub it and apply it evenly on your hair to get some volume.
3 Then, divide your hair with a deep side part. Take a section of hair and twist it multiple times to get a perfect hair twist. Secure it with bobby pins.
4 Spritz some hairspray to keep the twist in place.
5 For the final touch, use bobby pins to secure the posy on the other side, just above your ear.

Boho swirls
1 For this style, make a simple floral garland. Thread a sewing needle and pass it through the flowers of your choice. You can also thread random jewel stones or sequins for a glamorous touch.
2 Apply some anti-frizz hair serum evenly on your hair.
3 Tie your hair loosely in a side ponytail with a rubberband.
4 Apply light hold hair gel to the the ponytail and loosely twist it.
5 Secure your floral garland under the rubber band with bobby pins and wind it around the the ponytail. Pin the garland to the hair to ensure it stays in place.

First Published: Jun 29, 2013 13:09 IST