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Hypnosis ends Bloom's chocolate addiction

The Hollywood heartthrob says that he had gotten addicted to chocolate while convalescing after a fracture in his leg.
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UPDATED ON MAY 25, 2007 12:42 PM IST

Orlando Bloom was so addicted to chocolate as a child that his mother had to take the help of a hypnotist to help him shape up. The actor admits he was a "tubby" child after a leg fracture turned him on to an unhealthy lifestyle. quoted him as saying: "I used to be really sporty and I just started eating chocolate and I just got a bit tubby."

When it seemed impossible for him to get rid of his bad habit, his mother decided to seek out help.

"She took me to a doctor and said, 'He just can't stop eating chocolate,' and he tried to hypnotise me and stuff to stop me eating chocolate."

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