Nomadic inspirations for Charu Parasher!

Fashion designer Charu Parasher not only transformed modern day divas into free spirited nomadic women but managed to keep the creatures of the jungle aka the audience glued in. Amrah Ashraf writes about the collection andexplores trends hot on the ramp.

fashion and trends Updated: Oct 28, 2010 16:27 IST
Amrah Ashraf
Amrah Ashraf
Hindustan Times

The arena echoed with the thumping sounds of the jungle, a cricket creaked in the corner while the wind ruffled the leaves. Amidst the tribal beats, a tribal queen walks in gay abandon flanked by her guards. The creatures of the jungle merely look in awe.

Suddenly the lights go on and you realize the tribal queen is in fact dressed in fine chiffon shorts! Fashion designer Charu Parashar not only transformed modern day divas in to free spirited nomadic women but managed to keep the creatures of the jungle aka the audience glued in.

Parasher's collection boasted of long flowy dresses, replete with gathers and asymmetrical construction to add to the drama. The collection merged tribal feathers and motif merged with pirate's beads and jewels. The fabrics used were satin, chiffon, cotton and georgettes. Peacock prints were seen extensively on the ramp.

Charu ParasherTransforming the modern day diva into a nomadic queen with élan, Charu said, "We are into the future, but we are forgetting where we have come from. We are too much into the 'it' thing. My collection is an attempt to get back to the roots and cherish it."

Trends to watch out for

Braids: Braids have made a huge comeback this season. Be it a conventional single braid on the back or one side or multiple pirate inspired braids, the trick is to keep it messy and use a lot of tassels.

Flat gladiators: Gladiator heels are passé. Flats are a hot favourite this season. Be it leather straps or cloth, the ubiquitous gladiators go with everything.

Gypsy: Long flowy dresses, skirts, tassels, beads and hair bands worn around forehead were the order of the day.

70's fashion: The collection flirted with hipsters in vibrant colours, tunics with kimono sleeves and jumpsuits.

First Published: Oct 28, 2010 16:09 IST