Pretty up for the camera
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Pretty up for the camera

Give yourself a photogenic makeover with simple tricks to look gorgeous in photographs.

fashion and trends Updated: May 13, 2012 02:21 IST
Shara Ashraf
Shara Ashraf
Hindustan Times
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Give yourself a photogenic makeover with simple tricks to look gorgeous in photographs

Does the thought of getting clicked give you the shudder as you don’t want that awkward pose or your fly-away hair immortalised in a photograph, while your ‘photogenic’ friend is always looking for a photo-op? Let’s dispel some myths for you. It’s not as if your ‘Miss Pretty in the Cam’ friend was born with that perfect face and figure that the camera just dies for. It’s some clever camera fooling tricks, makeup strokes and posing techniques that she’s mastered that make her pictures lovely and enviable.

You may not be a professional, but the little tricks that experts use can help you look your best in front of the camera. Here’s what all you must know to look photogenic.

Get ready to be clicked


Practise your smile:

Smile is like a jewel that lights up your face. “Work in front of the mirror, and see which smile looks best on you. A lot of people go bad with the pout. Avoid over-pouting unless you are shooting for a fillers ad,” says photographer Rahul Dutta.


Avoid awkward poses:

Don’t blink when the flash is clicked. Also don’t keep your eyes wide open, which looks unnatural. Try smiling with your eyes: shut your eyes and open them and look into the



Trick the camera:

If you have a double chin, try stretching out your jaw forward. It hides your double chin. Never let anyone click your picture from a low angle. It makes your face look fat. When posing, don’t keep your jaws shut tight. Keep a little gap between your upper and lower jaw. You could also try keeping your mouth slightly open, which makes your picture look quite natural. Avoid an extreme side profile if you don’t have a perfect nose.


Be yourself:

Getting conscious is the worst you can do in front of the camera. “Feel that you are the most beautiful person at the moment, let your personality come out to the fullest,” says photographer Tarun Khiwal.


Work on your posture:

Your body language must be confident. Slouching can make you look shorter. Straighten your back and stand tall. Don’t stiffen up your shoulders.


Avoid overstyling:

Wear clothes in which you are comfortable. Something very dressy may not work. Avoid black and white clothes.


Whiten up your teeth:

Visit your dentist and get your teeth polished. Pearly white teeth always look great in the camera; and you won’t be stingy with your smile then.


Good haircut:

It enhances your features, slims down your face and makes you look younger and prettier instantly.


Avoid shades:

Don’t wear sunglasses in all your pictures. You will end up looking funny.

Makeup to trick the lens

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1. Don’t forget to use a good primer (a pre-base). It evens out your skin tone, absorbs excess shine, gives a matt finish, and makes your makeup last longer.

2. A glossy base makeup never works for the camera. Make sure your base is matt or else you could end up looking like a greased pan.

Use loose powder to set your base.

1. Makeup for the camera is always a few shades darker. When contouring your features, always keep it a little darker.

2. Avoid patchy skin. It looks very odd in the camera. The skin tone of your face, neck, arms and other exposed areas must match.

3. Avoid serum as it can flatten your hair. Fix your hair with a good hair spray.

4. Keep a powder puff handy to wipe out oil and sweat from your face.

5. Go for false eye lashes. You could also wear coloured lenses that add a little twinkle to your eyes. Smoky eyes paired with coloured lenses work very well.

(Inputs from makeup artist Komal Gulati)

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First Published: May 12, 2012 16:51 IST