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Most photographers who cover Page 3 tend to shoot the same known faces. So how do you stand out in a crowd? Here’s how!

fashion and trends Updated: Jun 25, 2011 13:17 IST
Sathya Saran
Sathya Saran
Hindustan Times

Most photographers who cover Page 3 tend to shoot the same known faces. It ensures the photos will be used, and they earn their bread and butter. To grab their attention you have to make them look at you twice, wonder who you are, decide you are important, and shoot. So how do you stand out in a crowd? Here’s how!

Dress different
To do this, study the photos on the various Page 3 people with a magnifying glass. Most women wear little black dresses, tight, figure-hugging gowns or wraps that are actually best suited for younger bodies. Make an appearance in the midst of this crowd in a flowing Anarkali or a sari with a seductive choli, and eyes and cameras are bound to turn.

Model Anjali Mendes, who was designer Pierre Cardin’s muse and director of a part of his empire of couture, told me she always had two options on what to wear at important dos. One was to wear a creation that was exclusively created by the master couturier for her to set off her tall slim frame, the other was a sari. Her wardrobe, throughout her many years in Paris, was always well-stocked with beautiful silk saris. And when she entered a room, trailing a silk pallu behind her, most people would turn and gasp!

A sari works really well now, as so few women wear them. But do so with style. None of the fidget and fumble that one sees with younger people. Practise wearing a sari at home till you learn to forget you are wearing it. Then get some sexy blouses that suit your body shape, pull out those forgotten treasures from the closet and go.

Dress for impact
Everything you wear does not have to be exactly as the designer put it together. That’s the mistake many who buy six figure designer garments created for the European woman make. Learn to mix and match. Pick what you like from designer clothes, Indian or Western. I have worn a Ritu Kumar kurta with churidar and ankle boots in Cannes, with a ghagra under it and a dupatta at a formal evening function in Paris. I’ve also worn it over a sari with the pallu flaring out from the side. It worked wonderfully and led me to experiment with other designer clothes. So, experiment with confidence.

First Published: Jun 24, 2011 21:42 IST