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Kate Middleton’s fashion sense is all about classic styling that looks uber cool.

fashion and trends Updated: Nov 19, 2010 01:03 IST

Kate Middleton’s style is natural, unforced and unpretentious. She never seems to be trying too hard or worried about currying favour with the glittery world of fashion. That’s going to help a lot when the naturally beautiful young woman blessed with poise, dimples, long legs and perfect posture marries Prince William next year.

Middleton, 28, is already one of the most photographed women in Britain and with Tuesday’s engagement announcement, she immediately leaps to the top of the fashion world. That position was once occupied by Princess Diana, William’s mother, who was killed in a car crash in 1997.’s choices will be scrutinised by fashion editors worldwide and copied by retailers in the world’s fashion capitals. She already has a distinctive look, one that emphasises her long brown hair, pale skin and charismatic smile. She favours white and black over splashes of colour and has shied away from London’s radical street fashion in favour of mainstream looks. "She has a feminine streak, and she dresses very much for herself, she’s not a slaving fashionista," said Hilary Alexander, fashion director of The Telegraph newspaper. "She’s never obvious. But there will be massive pressure on her now. I don’t think we’ve had a royal wedding on this scale for nearly 30 years." Middleton wears many classic outfits, and favours full length, solid-coloured coats. Her look has not changed dramatically season to season or from year to year.

There are already fashion blogs devoted to Middleton and her fashion choices. She has not formed any strong allegiances to specific designers yet, though she does favour the work of Daniella Issa Helayel, among others. Middleton could have been conjured up by central casting: She looks right in almost any setting, from a formal evening gown to jeans and a sweater. She has been photographed on a boat, at polo matches, graduations and shooting weekends — with only the occasional misstep.

All in the details
What: Marriage of Britain’s Prince William with longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton
Where: The Palace officials said that the wedding would be held in Westminster Abbey or St. Paul’s Cathedral, where William’s parents married.
Funds: Funds will likely come out of the Civil List — money provided by Parliament to meet official royal expenses, the queen’s household allowance or drawn from her personal wealth.
Ring: William had given Kate his mother’s engagement ring, as a way of making Diana a part of his special day.
Royal future: A strong, stable marriage could undo the damage that had risen from the televised confessions of adultery that marred the final years of Charles and Diana’s tortured marriage.

First Published: Nov 18, 2010 15:42 IST