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Try a wacky hairstyle

Tired of that prim and proper hairstyle? How about making a wacky style statement with wigs that are fun, funky and edgy.

fashion and trends Updated: Jan 23, 2012 12:47 IST
Aishwarya Sati
Aishwarya Sati
Hindustan Times

Fascinated by Rihanna’s bright red locks in her latest video, Man Down, or the multi-hued tresses that Lady Gaga is often seen donning? How about surprising your friends by sporting a similar hairdo, at your next party? Fashion experts give a thumbs up to funky wigs, saying it’s time our young fashionistas too adopt this edgy style.

“While sleek, straightened hair may be a classic statement, a funky hairdo adds that zing to your personality. Also, with the rise of eccentric fashion icons such as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, etc, it’s cool to sport locks that shock,” says hairstylist Ambika Pillai.

The best part with wigs, however, is that you get a fun new hairdo without subjecting your hair to harmful chemicals or burning them with curling tongs. And, one also has the option of changing the style as often as one wants.

Made of both synthetic fibre and human hair, wigs are available in different styles and colours, in hair studios and accessory stores across the city. “Prices for the synthetic ones can vary between Rs 500 to 5000, while human hair wigs come in the range of Rs 3,000 to 10,000, depending on the length,” says hairstylist Martina Wu. New age theme parties, where one needs to turn up in a ‘certain look’, are also adding to the demand for funky wigs. “This year we’ve had many character requests for wigs. Katy Perry, Micheal Jackson, and The Joker from Dark Knight are in demand,” says Aditya Kapur, owner, Party Hunterz.

Creativity is the key
Afro or a Mohawk — one can do a lot with a wig with just a little creativity. “Be wise when choosing the colour. It should not clash with your skin tone,” says hair expert Vishwashrestha Shanti. You must also use the right kind of makeup to accentuate your look, else the whole exercise will go in vain. “Carefully choose a wig that matches the shape of your face as it is not supposed to hide your features,” says makeup expert, Aashmeen Munjal.

How to care for your wig
Care for wig differs, depending on whether it’s synthetic or made of human hair. However, the standard rule is to store your wig on a stand so that it maintains its shape. Place it in a dust-free place, away from heat and humidity.

How to choose a wig that fits you best
For round face: According to hairstylist Martina Wu, longer, textured and uneven cut wigs with long, side swept bangs give a slimmer look

For oval faces: Oval faces are considered ideal for all kinds of hair styles, so wear wigs of any length.

For square face: A shoulder length wig with layers will add volume on top and sides to soften the angles on the face. You can add bangs to camouflage the corners of the forehead.

For heart-shaped face: A wig, which is just below the jaw line, is ideal to de-emphasise the triangle.

Synthetic wigs
1. Never wash synthetic wigs or blow dry them.
2. Use a flat hair brush to comb the wig and store it in a box.
3. Never allow the wig to dry in direct sunlight as it can harm the fibres.

Human hair wigs
1. Human hair wigs can be washed and conditioned using a mild shampoo and conditioner and can also be blow- dried if one wants a particular hairstyle. However, never use warm water to wash them.
2. Detangle the wig using a hair brush or comb.
3. Rinse the wig in cold water, with the water flowing in the same direction of the hair to avoid tangling. Apply shampoo and rinse again.
4. Remove excess water by gently patting with a towel. Do not squeeze as it will cause tangles.
5. Allow the wig to air dry on a folding wig stand and brush it when completely dry.

First Published: Jan 18, 2012 18:32 IST