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Wardrobe essentials

Here's what is extremely essential for you wardrobe...

fashion and trends Updated: Jul 10, 2010 16:31 IST
Hindustan Times

A white shirt: Everyone needs one white shirt, if not two. The first, a classic formal one to wear under a jacket, a business suit, or on its own over formal trousers; and the second a more casual kind, for daywear and to wear over your jeans, corduroy pants or semi-formal trousers.

Ensure your white shirt
retains its original colour and does not discolour or look aged over time. Areas you need to pay special attention to – the cuff and collar. The crisper and sharper your shirt, the smarter you will look.

Jeans: You always need two
reliable and trusted pairs of denims in your wardrobe: one regular pair for day-to-day wear (and tear); and another more ‘dressy’ pair to wear occasionally to work, when going out with friends, to travel in or wear on a night out.

While a blue pair (any shade) is a must, your second pair could be beige, grey, brown, black or white. Choose a cut and brand that flatters your body, suits your budget and matches your lifestyle: comfort fit for those of you who prefer to take it easy and a snug fit for those of you who don’t.

Regardless of age, occupation, economic status, skin colour or sexual orientation, every man needs to have and follow a vanity regime. Here is what you should incorporate into yours

Problem: The pores (on the skin) get blocked with sweat, grime, oil and pollution.

* Use a face masque (mud or fruit-based) at least once every fortnight. Apply onto the face (avoiding the area around the eyes) and neck and allow it to dry for about 10 minutes and then wash off with water.
Product: Tea Tree Face Masque by Lotus Herbals.

Time: 12 mins
* If you have very oily skin, apply some toner on a cotton ball and wipe really well, especially on the T-zone
(forehead and nose) – at least once, if not twice a week.

Product: Visage Toner by Nivea.
Time: Under 1 min

Problem: There is rough, dead and flaky skin on the surface and your skin looks dull and lifeless.

* Use a gentle (but intensive and effective) face scrub, once a week. Apply in a circular and clockwise motion onto a slightly moist face, and then wash off with water. Product: Deep clean scrub by Neutrogena. Time: Under 2 mins
* Wash your face twice daily with an exfoliating face wash instead of soap. To apply, put some product onto the fingertips and then gently onto the skin – avoiding the sensitive area around the eyes. Rinse off with water thereafter.
Product: Orange Fruit Extract Face Wash by Garnier.
Time: Under 2 mins

Problem: Your skin is dry, itchy and scaly, and looks tired and undernourished.

* Apply a hydrating water-based (and an alcohol and oil-free) moisturising lotion on the face. Always use face care products at night – before you sleep – so they have sufficient time to soak into your skin. Product: Moisturising Fluid
Hydrant by Shiseido Men. Time: 30 seconds
* Douse your body with a nourishing and soothing body lotion. Apply neck downwards and especially on areas like the back, elbows, knees, hands, feet and knuckles.
Product: Skin Moisturiser by Clean & Clear.
Time: 3 mins
* Get a relaxing oil massage every 15 days. A deep tissue treatment will relax tired muscles while a surface rub will leave you hydrated, energised and refreshed. Post your massage, get into the steam room for about five minutes or rinse off the leftover oil with warm water under a shower.
Product: Orange and Mint Massage Oil by Chandra.
Time: 1 hour

Problem: Skin gets black / brown patches or spots and burnt after it’s exposed to the sun.
Solutions: Use a sunscreen lotion that protects you from UVA and UVB rays. A good sunscreen will help reduce pigment patches, minimise a tan and also work as an effective anti-ageing product. Always apply sunscreen (onto the face, neck and hands) a minimum of 20 minutes before exposure to the sun and opt for a minimum SPF of 25 or higher.
Product: Moisturising Sunscreen by Mary Kay.
Time: 30 seconds

Problem: You have dandruff or your hair gets brittle, rough and dry.
* Keep your scalp clean by shampooing it daily with a mild frequent use shampoo. Alternatively, use an effective anti-dandruff shampoo – once a week – to reduce or terminate dandruff. As anti-dandruff shampoos are medicated and strong, do not use them for your daily and regular hair wash.
Product: Salon Anti
Dandruff Shampoo by Modicare
Time: Under 1 min
* Use a nourishing conditioner after you shampoo to restore moisture levels and to leave your hair feeling softer and lighter. A conditioner is useful if you live in an area where there is salty, hard or borewell water. Massage the conditioner into the scalp and rinse off thoroughly with water. Some conditioners are also ‘leave-in’ products, which do not need to be rinsed off with water, but are instead left on the scalp.
Product: Conditioner by L’Oreal Homme
Time: Under 3 mins

For your feet, shoe rack or the shoe drawer of your wardrobe

Grey, blue, brown and black formal socks to wear to work or with your business and formal wear. White, coloured and printed socks for casual and sports wear.

Always wear socks made of cotton and change them daily.

Sandals or slippers:
Open footwear for indoors and comfort wear, especially at home or for places where your feet are not likely to get dusty and dirty. You will need a basic pair of rubber slippers for wet areas and leather slippers or sandals to wear outdoors.


A sleeveless or half sleeve classic white vest to wear under your shirts and tops, especially if you sweat excessively. Coloured ones for sports, gym and casual wear.

Comfortable and sexy underwear for everyday wear, days (and nights) when you are likely to score as well as when you are working, travelling or just to hang around at home in. Pick styles, cuts, designs and colours that make you look and feel good.

Swim Wear
Quick drying and anti-bacterial swimwear for a dip in the pool, plunge into a river or a swim in the sea. Always choose a colour and cut that works for your skin tone and body type.

Sandals or slippers:
Open footwear for indoors and comfort wear, especially at home or for places where your feet are not likely to get dusty and dirty. You will need a basic pair of rubber slippers for wet areas and leather slippers or sandals to wear outdoors.

Other shoes:
You should have a reliable pair of comfortable and long-lasting walking shoes for everyday use and an all-terrain pair if you are into walking along mountain trails, hiking and adventure sports. Keep some plain, casual or coloured footwear on standby for ‘occasional’ daywear.

It’s a good idea to have a soft and absorbent bathrobe or dressing gown for the spa, the locker room at the gym or just to lounge around the house in.

You will need a good (and protective) pair of sunglasses if you spend long hours outdoors, find it hard to deal with the sun’s glare or just want to make a style statement.

Choose a pair that suits your face cut and natural features. Larger frames work on broad faces and smaller ones are better suited if you have a tiny, slim or angular face. Choose a black and grey tint over green, silver and gold.

Must-have accessories
You need a flat yet ‘fit all’ wallet – not just to keep your cash and change handy, but to also place your credit, debit,
access and identity cards safely into.

Pick a wallet that matches the dominating colour in your wardrobe: if you are more of a brown person, you should have a tan wallet. If your wardrobe has more greys, blues or darker colours, you are better off with a black one.

It’s a good idea to have either one neutral and trusted watch that you can wear round the clock or if you are obsessive about watches, have one each for casual, formal and sports wear.

Your watch needs to reflect your personality and match most of your clothes, but most importantly and above all, should look good on you whether your wrists are slim, wide, smooth or hairy.

You should have a smart, multi-pocket (handheld or shoulder) bag for your laptop, gadgets, chargers and other
essentials and a trendy gym / sports bag to take to your workout or game.

It’s important to have a sleek overnighter for short work or weekend leisure trips. You will need a durable hard-top suitcase if you frequently travel by air and are checking your bags in.

First Published: Jul 10, 2010 16:27 IST