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From rowing to crawling: 5 fitness trends that made headlines in 2017

According to fitness experts — parkour, boutique rowing, combination workout, crawling and functional training were the most popular fitness trends this year.

fitness Updated: Dec 28, 2017 16:26 IST
Abhinav Verma
Here’s a list of trends that were big in the world of fitness this year.
Here’s a list of trends that were big in the world of fitness this year.(Getty Images)

Every year, fitness enthusiasts tend to come up with new workouts to break the monotony. And 2017 was no different. Trends that were big in 2016 went out of the window and in came new trends such as rowing and combination workouts. We got in touch with fitness experts Ilu Singh and Praayrit Dahiya, who explain which workouts or exercise were popular this year.


2017 was the year when parkour finally came to forefront. More and more fitness enthusiasts gravitated towards parkour this year. Parkour includes completing obstacle courses consisting of running, jumping, swinging along with quadrupedal movement. According to experts, the biggest benefit it offers is that you don’t require any equipment and you can get creative by designing your own workout. It promotes quick weight loss, builds insane core strength along with bone strength.

Boutique rowing

One of the unlikeliest fitness trends of 2017 was indoor rowing. This year saw a lot of boutique rowing studios opening. So what makes it an effective workout? According to experts, using a rowing machine means that you utilize 86% of your muscle mass, burn around 400 calories, build strength and resistance in just 45 minutes. Also, the chances of you getting injured while rowing are quite low.

Combination workout

Most of us get bored of doing the same workout every day. However, this was the year that fitness experts finally find a way to beat monotony by coming up with hybrid/ combination workout. During a hybrid/ combination workout one tends to combine two different workouts together. For example half an hour of weightlifting combined with half an hour of yoga. The benefit that this offers is that your body doesn’t get conditioned to one particular kind of workout. It also ensures greater overall fitness.


Crawling like a baby on the floor as a workout? Yes, you heard that right! Crawling was the breakthrough isolation exercise in 2017. According to experts, crawling is one of the best strength and functional exercises. Crawling resets your entire nervous system, improving muscle coordination and synchronizing the entire body. It also improves your motor skills and spatial orientation.

Functional training

Looking fit and being fit are two different things. And this is this reason why functional training was big this year. Functional training focuses on improving mobility, strength and core along with muscle conditioning. The idea is to focus on movements not muscles. Movements such as pushing, pulling, lifting, stepping, walking, jumping, squatting are a part of daily life and functional training incorporates that in your workout. Functional training stabilizes your core, strengthens the spine and makes your body injury resistant.