You were told carbs are bad. This bikini model’s transformation will bust the myth

For years, carbohydrate-rich food like bread and pasta have earned a bad rep. Our gym trainers often discourage us from eating carbs because there is a common misconception that it leads to weight gain.

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Madigan makes sure to add plenty of healthy fats to her day, including nut butters, dark chocolate, avocado and salmon. (

You thought carbs are bad? Meet 27-year-old bikini model Hayley Madigan from Portsmouth, UK. She says that adding slow-release carbs such as wholegrain bread, quinoa and oats to her diet has helped her build muscles. Don’t believe us, see her photos and videos below.

Like us, Madigan too believed that carbs are bad and would wait for the weekend to binge on “bad” food. However, understanding the benefits of carbs to fuel her training has helped her stay lean and healthy. Madigan is a personal trainer and a World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) pro.

Want to know how?

Many of us believe that eating carbs is going to add to weight gain. But that’s true for any food group if consumed in excess. In fact, loading up on slow-release carbs like oatmeal and bran cereal a few hours before exercise can help burn more fat. Carbohydrates are not your enemies. In reality, it helps you maintain good mood, keep your heart in a good shape and promotes weight loss.

Carbs that are high in resistant starch speed up metabolism. It releases fatty acids that encourage fat burning, especially around your belly. Carbs also keep you feeling satisfied, which means you are less likely to load up on unnecessary calories.

Stop concentrating on what you WEIGH! 🙅🏽🤷🏽‍♀️ Unless you're in a sport where you need to 'make weight' i.e. boxing 🥊💁🏽 ... Your mood shouldn't be dictated by what the scales say! . The left hand picture was me right at the end of Off season in February this year I weighed 58kg and was uncomfortable in myself but knew in order to make the 'required gains' in a short amount of time I needed to EAT 💪🏼. . The right hand picture is me a few days ago weighing exactly the same as I did back in Feb but I am a hell of a lot leaner! 😏. . Why?! . I've built muscle from changing my routine and added in important supplements all down to my sponsors @bpi_sports_uk 💙 My body shape has completely changed by more gains upper and lower and a smaller tighter waist YAS! But it's not been easy, it takes time and dedication and I have had to stop focusing on what my weight is and just focus on my appearance, strength and stamina 😊. . Feeling good and yet I'm heaviest I've ever weighed but I'm happy and this is truly what counts 😏👌🏼. . Also my face is definitely slimmer in the second pic 😂🐷🙊 Happy Transformation Tuesday Insta Peeps 😘. . HMF40 for 40% off @bpi_sports_uk 💙. . #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #motivation #inspo #inspiration #trainhard #bpisports #teambpiuk #bpiuk #training #abs #gains #gymlove #gym #gymgains #weighttraining #gainingweightiscool #girlgains #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #transformationtuesday #transformation #bodybuilding #bodypositive #protein #bcaa #prep #bikini #bikinicompetitor

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