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Unemployment, drug menace key issues in Haryana: Congress

Hindustan Times, Gurugram | By HT Corresondent, Gurugram
UPDATED ON OCT 11, 2019 11:06 AM IST

Haryana Congress chief Kumari Selija, on Thursday while participating in a social media workshop for Congress volunteers in Gurugram, said unemployment, economic slowdown and increased use of drugs among the youth were important issues in the state, all of which would be addressed if the Congress was voted to power in the October 21 election.

She also asked workers to highlight the failures of BJP government on these fronts.

“Haryana has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Recently, when the state organized selection test for 4,500 vacancies, around 15 lakh candidates applied. This shows how bad the situation is,” Selijan said, adding that the average national unemployment rate was 8.4%, but Haryana’s was three time that—28.7%.

The Congress chief also said that the party manifesto would be released on Friday and it would represent the aspirations of people of Haryana.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Selija said that the BJP government had no policy to boost industry in the state, which had led to the economic slowdown. “The problem started with demonetisation (2016) and it was further complicated by poor implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). All their moves have badly impacted the economy, slowed down growth and led to unemployment,” she said.

Exhorting the party workers to challenge the BJP’s propaganda, Selja said there must be a reason behind axing tickets of sitting MLA. “Why did they deny tickets to their MLAs? There must be some reason behind it,” she said, urging workers to sharpen their attack based on facts.

Referring to Punjab, where the Congress government had taken action against drug trade, Selija said the same trade had shifted to Haryana and the state government had done nothing to check the menace. “Our youth are increasingly falling prey to this menace (of drugs) and the government has failed to do anything,” she alleged.

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