Drink liquids as much as you can to stay hydrated as you fast this Navratri.(Shutterstock)
Drink liquids as much as you can to stay hydrated as you fast this Navratri.(Shutterstock)

8 quick fixes to help you fast right this Navratri

With Navratri kick-starting today, we know a lot of you are looking at the coming days with much excitement (the festivities and get-togethers) and dread (fasting for over a week that just would not end). So, we talked a city dietician, to give you a quick heads up on what to do and not do so that you can fast without any major hiccups.
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UPDATED ON APR 28, 2016 05:10 PM IST

With Navratri starting on Friday, we know many of you are looking forward to the coming days with a mix of excitement and dread. Excitement for the festivities and get-togethers and dread over the week-long fast.

But for the health conscious, especially those fasting for the first-time, there could be some worry.

Fret not, for Dr Ankita Gupta, a city dietician, gave us some nifty tips to help tide over the week, and we’re sharing them here for everyone (your welcome).

Apple’s the word

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” goes the old saying. There some truth to that and you should consider starting your day with an apple shake. Both filling and nutritious, it’s a great way to ease into the fast.

Binge on fruits

Eat fruits such as bananas, apples and oranges in between meals or whenever hungry. They’re tasty, refreshing and release instant bursts of energy.

Keep yourself hydrated

Keep drinking liquids through the day, and we don’t mean aerated drinks. Low fat milk, coconut water, jeera lassi and nimbu paani are some great options that will keep you going.

Avoid the special ‘vrat namkeens’

These namkeens, which are available by the dozen in the market, are fried, high on salt, and negate the purpose of fasting. Also, they make for an unhealthy snack when consumed on a daily basis on an empty stomach.

Choose Kutta atta

It is gluten-free flour and contains 25-30% protein. You can make cheelas or rotis instead of pooris using this atta.It helps that it tasty too.

No need to skip evening snacks

No fried foods doesn’t necessarily mean no snacking. You can switch the unhealthy finger foods with makhanas or plain nuts for the evenings. Fruits will also do the trick (read ‘Binge on fruits’ again).

The potato-curd magic combo

This is a good combination of healthy carbohydrates and protein and thus makes for a meal. It’s simple enough to put together and cuts down on the many lunch boxes you would normally pack.

Plan your day

The sudden change in diet is hard for the body and mind. So, chalk out a plan for your day so you’re prepared. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself reaching for sweets or fatty food due to unavailability of food. You don’t want that.

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