Bored of going to the gym? Try out this ballet-inspired workout at home
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Bored of going to the gym? Try out this ballet-inspired workout at home

Fancy a new way to exercise? Ahead of a ballet-inspired workout class, try out the routine at home

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Jul 09, 2016 13:37 IST
Manali Shah
Manali Shah
Hindustan Times
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Indiana Mehta (Photo: Vidya Subramanian/ Hindustan Times)

Fancy a new way to exercise? Ahead of a ballet-inspired workout class, try out the routine at home.

We’ve seen plenty of unusual workouts in the city. Indoor surfing, masala bhangra, and aerial silk (performing acrobatics while being suspended from a special type of cloth), to name a few. This weekend, a new ballet-inspired workout class will take place at the House of Wow in Bandra. Its instructor, Indiana Mehta, who has studied at the Laine Theatre Arts, UK, says the fitness regime, called barre, works on your entire body. “Every single muscle group is targeted in. It works on your flexibility while building your endurance,” she says.

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Barre is the stand ballet dancers use to practise on. As an alternative, Mehta says you could use a chair, or even a window ledge or a kitchen platform. She gives out three poses to try at home. “Remember to stretch after every exercise,” she says.

Abs and Port de Bras

Sitting on the floor, bend your knees and keep them hips distance apart. Lean back around 25 to 30 degrees. Lift your arms in front of your chest and the move them simultaneously over your head and down. Slowly breath in and come back to neutral.


Reps: 24

Benefits: Strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles, oblique muscles and shoulder blades. A strong core will support the spine and prevent injuries.

Half Hand Stand Leg Raises

Lift one foot off the ground and press the sole of that foot into the wall at hip height. Lift your other leg to meet the first so your feet are hip-width apart on the wall. Stack your shoulders over your wrists, gaze slightly past your fingertips, firm your upper arms. Keeping your legs completely straight, press your feet the wall with as much force as you can. Now, slowly take one leg off the wall, bend the knee and do small movements of the thigh going back and forth. To come back down, simultaneously place the legs on the floor, bend your knees and slowly stand up.


Reps: 20 on each leg

Benefits: Physiologically focuses on the circulatory, muscular and respiratory system.

Stretch in Second

Face the barre standing with your legs turned out, toes apart and heels together. This is known as the first position in ballet. Now, lift up your left leg to the side and place on the barre. Make sure you are not lifting the hip as you lift your leg. Keep pulling the hips down to the floor trying to keep them square. With the feet turned out and heels firmly on the ground, bend the knee of your supporting leg. Hold it for few counts (this will deepen the stretch on the working leg) and straighten it again. Now, raise yourself taking the heel off the floor while keeping the knee bent. Then, slowly straighten the supporting leg. Hold it for 16 counts and lower the heel to repeat the cycle again.


Reps: 8 sets on each leg.

Benefits: Strengthens the calf muscle, inner thighs, gluteus muscles and knee joint.

Be there

What: Grin & Barre will take place on July 9 (6pm)and 10 (11am).

Where: House of Wow, Natraj Building, Opposite St Stanislaus High School, Hill Road, Bandra (W)

Price: Rs 500 for one session; Rs 800 for both

Call: 099302 46031

First Published: Jul 06, 2016 00:00 IST