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Confused about which wax to choose? Here's your waxing guide

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Jun 18, 2015 05:37 PM IST

Got a hundred waxing options at the salon but don’t know which to pick? Choosing the right wax is the key to a better waxing experience. Here’s a quick guide to fix your dilemma.

Ah, waxing — the hair-ripping ritual that all women are cursed with. As if the pain, the rashes, the allergic reactions and of course, the humiliation wasn’t enough, there’s the added problem of what wax to choose. But fret not, whether you are a first-timer to the salon or making a drastic shift from razors, creams and epilators to wax, here’s your guide to making a wise choice.


Know the process: Waxing is great, but know the limitations. “Although the stubble may not be the same as the one you get after a shave, the risk for in-grown hair when you wax is much more. Use body lotions that contain lactic acid, like DCL HP Lotion, which helps get rid of follicular plugs. Also, let hair grow out before you wax. The less trauma you give your skin the better,” says dermatologist Kiran Lohia.

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The area matters: Always go for a patch test if you are getting any part of your body waxed for the first time. While arms, legs, back and the stomach might not be sensitive, waxing the bikini line and using wax on your face can be tricky. “I don’t recommend face waxing — it can lead to skin ailments. For brazilian wax or bikini area, laser hair removal is best as the risk of painful in-growth is low,” Lohia adds.

If waxing this area is still your pick, make sure it’s done properly. “The ideal way to wax in these areas is to apply the wax in small patches and then applying loads of baby oil to soften the area. I suggest honey wax — it’s easier to pull off the strips with it,” says beauty expert Puja Taluja.

Be picky: If the variety of waxes in your salon is confusing, do a background check. “The traditional hard or honey wax is popular as it works out cheaper than other options. But, I recommend Italian flavoured wax (usually called Rica) that most salons in Delhi offer, and which is available in different flavours like chocolate, vanilla etc. This wax isn’t too hot when applied and also helps remove tan and in-growth,” Taluja adds.

Which wax does your salon offer?

Hot wax: Contains honey, beeswax and other components. Removes hair with the help of fabric strips. Hard wax with same consistency hardens and can be taken off by hand. Cheaper in cost but not reccomended for sensitive skin.

Flavoured wax: Milk, chocolate, aloe vera — costlier but advised for sensitive skin.

Homemade: Made by heating honey, sugar, lemon juice, also a great option for sensitive skin.

Pre & post care for diy waxing

If you are using wax at home, pre and post care is vital. Start by making sure you have enough hair on the area that can be removed to avoid ingrowth. If there’s moisture on the skin, the wax won’t work. Dry it with baby powder.

After you are done with the procedure, make sure you apply oil that sometimes comes with the wax. Or, top post-waxing skin with a floral-accented, mild oil.

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