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Hair Conditioning

As hair mirrors the general health, the best hair conditioner of all is to get healthy and stay healthy.

health and fitness Updated: Jul 10, 2003 20:07 IST

Hair that is longer than 30 cms has been dead for around three years!

It is extremely difficult to bring about a lasting change in the condition of anything dead. So the results of most attempts to condition the hair shaft, a completely dead and inert structure are superficial and transient.

It is worth bearing in mind that given its average growth rate, hair that is more than 30 cms long has been dead for around three years.

Even though the hair shaft is dead, a conditioner can improve its appearance.

It is possible to make the hair look better. On healthy hairs the scales of keratin lie smoothly one on top of the other so that they overlap. With neglect or maltreatment the scales become curled at the edges distorted or even disconnected.

Hair in good condition has scales rather like a bird's wing when the feathers are ruffled. A conditioner can smoothen the scales and so improve the hair's appearance.

Use a mild shampoo with a pH value of 5.

To improve the physical condition of the hair in any sense that goes beyond the merely cosmetic, it would be necessary to affect the hair-forming organ, which lies well beneath the surface of the scalp at the time the hair was actually growing. Because the hair mirrors the general state of body health so faithfully the best hair conditioner of all is to get healthy and stay healthy.


First Published: Jul 10, 2003 20:07 IST