Kill belly fat in eight weeks!

Hindustan Times | ByAditi Caroli, New Delhi
Mar 20, 2014 07:07 PM IST

Here’s a weekly diet and work-out plan that will help you get those washboard abs without much fuss.

Girls, are you dying to rock crop tops that the Bollywood divas are parading in? And guys, would you kill to show off your macho side in fitted tees but the fat on your belly is an inevitable hindrance? It’s time to bring your wardrobe fantasies to life and say goodbye to the extra kilos around your abdomen. Stomach fat is a big concern for men and women alike. While some of us are prone to gaining weight due to our genes, the rest of us (who may be otherwise fit), can’t escape the tyre-like structure building on our belly, owing to our sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.

With intelligent changes in your diet and fitness plan, you can get the body of your dreams without much fuss. If you religiously follow our weekly plan for two months, and complement it with strong willpower, you will soon be melting away your belly fat and rock a trimmed mid-section. In addition, you’ll also see improvement in your strength and energy levels. So people, brace yourselves as it’s time to get back in shape. Do consult a doctor or fitness expert if you suffer from a medical condition.

Workout for a fitter you

Warm up: Do spot marching (30 to 60 sec), spot jogging (45 to 60 sec) and jumping jacks (30 to 60 sec)
Cardio: 20 sec workout, 10 sec rest — do this for 5-10 minutes on the cross trainer in the gym or run outside in the park or in your room by doing a quick step
Exercise: 4 to 8 sets each of planks with knee to chest, overhead squats with jumps, crunches, lunges with arm extensions and side crunches. This means doing 2-4 mins of each exercise with a minute of rest in between. If you find it too hard in one go, try and split your routine. Do half of cardio in the routine and then do 4 sets of the exercise, followed by cardio and then end with 4 sets of exercise intervals. Do spend at least 10 mins on some stretching exercises in the end to bring your heart rate back to normal, and make sure you don’t end up too sore.


After 20 to 40 minutes of warm-up and cardio, focus on a few sets of either upper or lower body exercises today.
Upper Body Workout- Shoulder: Shoulder press or side raisesChest: Butterfly (lying down and opening and closing arms), chest press (lying down arms up and down)Back: Reverse butterfly (stand-up, bend upper body parallel to the floor, and then open and close arms. You can also use weights while doing it)Biceps: Bicep curlsTriceps: Tricep extension (seated or standing)
Lower Body Workout: Quadriceps: Squats or single leg squats Hamstrings: Lunges or straight leg dead liftsOuter Thighs: Standing side raisesInner Thighs: Lying leg liftsCalves: Calf raisesAbdominals: Basic crunches and side crunches

Focus on flexibility, posture and skill of the movement today. Do pilates or yoga or a combination of both. The workout should be 60-90 mins long. You may split into two workouts, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Repeat the workout from Monday, putting more focus on the second part of the workout. So either you can use weights or increase the number of intervals. Consequently, you may decrease the cardio in case you are getting too fatigued.

Follow Tuesday’s workout when it comes to cardio, and do supersets of the half of the body you did not do on Tuesday i.e. if you have done upper body on Tuesday, do the lower body on Friday.

Walk for 1-2 hours or go for an hour of jogging in the morning. Go for stretching or entire yoga/pilates routine in the evening.


This is your day of complete rest. Enjoy!

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