Psychic healing a hit in Chandigarh

Updated on Feb 20, 2008 06:30 PM IST
More and more individuals in the city are taking to hypnosois, tarot card reading and witchcraft to do away with stress.
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ANI | By, Chandigarh

With modern lifestyle adding stress to everyone’s life, more and more individuals in Chandigarh are getting drawn to various new age therapies and psychic healings like hypnosis, tarot reading and even witchcraft.

Till recently, the only option was astrology or consulting some priest for most of the people. But with the passage of time the new age therapies have turned a draw. .

A growing number of individuals here believe that holistic healing or the new-age healing techniques could be a relief as they help in self-exploration and inner peace and prosperity.

Renu Mathur, a white magic queen-cum-herb healer, who claims herself to be India's first Shaman Witch, says that she can help a person in removing all negative energy surrounding him or her through prayer and meditation.

She tells that the energy comes from Goddesses and God, and from the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

One of her clients happens to be Navneet Khokhar who seek help from Renu who told him that she knew a logical and simple solution to his problems. She predicted the future and even suggested remedies for his problems.

Renu says that images on the Tarot Cards energise and helps identify problems and solutions.

“According to new observations most of us believe blindly in priests. We do what they say but we never try to think logically about why things are happening. When I got in touch with her, she explained things to me in a very logical manner. I analyzed matters and opted for a therapy session that involved going into a trance. So I find it a very scientific kind of approach,” said Navneet.

Another healing technique is WICCA, a relatively new technique that involves crystals, incense, ritual candles and herbs to perform Wicca Spells.

Renu Mathur is a white magic queen and a herb healer. Claiming to be India's first Shaman Witch, she helps remove all negative energy surrounding a person through prayer and meditation.

The energy comes from Goddesses and God, and from the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Renu says: “Although this might not appear to be a straight fight against superstition because what I am doing is very logical like the use of colors, use of fire, use of crystals all of which has been validated by everybody in all fields. This is just a concentrated form of using them.“

Esha Gupta, who is a Pyramid Vastu consultant, uses Pyramid like structures that act as rejuvenators for the human body and mind. She claims of being helpful in curing modern-day ailments.

She says Pyramids are the real miracles on earth and are believed to be very effective and miraculous due to their characteristics that enhance cosmic energy.

Pyramid power is now used in sectors like Vaastu Shastra, astrology and spiritual meditation, she adds.

Besides, there is another popular Feng Shui, ancient Chinese art of creating positive energy, is also fashionable in north India. Literally meaning wind and water, it is a method to create ideal work and home environments.

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