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10 must try, refreshing summer coolers to beat the heat this season

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Apr 11, 2019 11:38 AM IST

Staying well-hydrated is key in the sweltering heat to stay in the best of health. Try these 10 summer coolers to keep it cool as the temperatures soar.

It’s only the onset of summers and it already seems like it’s going to be warm and sweaty in the months to come. As the temperatures soar higher with each passing day, it’s time we figured out how to beat the heat with cool attires, a summer skin and haircare regime, diet choices and more. Staying well-hydrated is key in the sweltering heat to stay in the best of health.

Staying well-hydrated is key in the sweltering heat to stay in the best of health.(Unsplash)
Staying well-hydrated is key in the sweltering heat to stay in the best of health.(Unsplash)

Your body tends to lose water, salts and essential minerals at a faster pace due to excessive sweating. Undoubtedly, water is the most important drink to quench thirst and balance your system, but these summer beverages are a tasty go-to to add some flavour to the important liquid you must intake. Here are 10 suggestions you can try this season to stay refreshed and keep things cool as you deal with the rising temperature outside. What’s more, they’re all non-alcoholic options suitable for palate of all age groups.

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Coconut Water/Nariyal Paani

When you want to drink up to ease the heat and keep a check on the calories you intake, a glass of coconut water (or if you prefer to drink it directly from the coconut) is the best choice. It also makes for a great electrolyte which aids in keeping dehydration at bay in the scorching summer heat.

Note: Say no to plastic straws offered with nariyal paani especially when you buy these from a roadside vendor. The direct consumption will not just be an interesting experience; you will also have contributed in saving the environment every time you say no to straws.  

Jal Jeera

Jal Jeera made of water (Jal) and cumin seeds (Jeera) primarily, is perfect for the season and any gastric issues it might bring along with it. Apart from crushed cumin seeds, the beverage contains mint leaves, coriander leaves, black salt, and lemon juice making it tangy and refreshing. Jal Jeera is a popular welcome drink, appetizer and a tasty accompaniment for lunch or brunch.

Gol gappas, pani puris or phuchkas use jal jeera for the water as a tasty filling too.


Popular nationwide, a glass of chaas/matha (buttermilk) is a great accompaniment for lunch or brunch and is also served as a welcome drink. The preparation may vary slightly depending on where you’re located. Use pudina (mint leaves), roasted crushed cumin seeds (bhuna jeera), and finely chopped green chillies to spike the flavour.


Panna, also known as Aam Panna, has been a household recipe for years before its commercialisation and subsequent popularity as a summer drink. It’s made with raw mangoes, boiled with their pulp removed and is had as an appetizer in the summer months. It’s known to instantly cool the system down. Add sugar to taste, mint leaves, crushed roasted cumin powder and water for required consistency and serve chilled.


This creamy yogurt-based refreshment is considered to be an amazing summer cooler, and a staple with some meals. You can add variations to it and make it either sweet or salty and also add flavours like rose, banana, mango, and even off-beat options like chocolate, kesar-pista or avocado lassi. Add a dollop of cream in your glass of lassi for a treat to your taste buds.

Kokum Sherbet + Sol Kadhi

Kokum or Garcinia indica, a plant in the mangosteen family is a multi-purpose fruit that is used for cooking, to make summer coolers and also has medicinal purposes. While kokum concentrate can be store bought, it’s better to use dried kokum for cooking or for making sherbets. It’s popular in the Konkan and Malvan region and in Goa. Kokum sherbet and sol kadhi (eaten with rice and a great accompaniment for the generally hot sea food from Malvan) is refreshing and is a great digestive drink.

Shikanji or lemonade

Make your own version of lemonade with fresh lemons, crushed and dried mint leaves and black salt. Lemonade concentrates are available off the shelf but homemade ones are tastier and best had freshly made (the lemon when squeezed and stored for a long duration might become bitter and unsuitable for the taste buds).

Add lime juice to taste according to the tangy flavour you’re looking for. Sugar syrup is optional incase you’re watching your weight strictly and want to avoid piling up empty calories.


One of the popular brands of non-alcoholic beverages, Barbican is a brand of non-alcoholic malt drinks distributed by the Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company. The drink is primarily sold in the Middle East and North Africa. It comes in 8 fruit flavoured variants including classic malt flavour, raspberry, mango & passion fruit among others.


Moussy originates from the mountains of Switzerland and is popular for its unique and refreshing malt taste of the Classic variant, and is also found in a series of flavour extensions such as Apple, Lemon Mint, Strawberry, Pomegranate, Lemon, and others. Think the taste of beer but without its alcohol content or effects and in interesting flavours that have a wide appeal for everyone.


Kingfisher Radler

Launched in Gujarat in October 2018, Radler is a natural drink that is a blend of lemon juice and imported barley malts and is available in three flavours—lemon, ginger lime and mint lime. According to its parent company, Radler contains 30% less sugar than carbonated soft drinks – a win-win for those saying bye-bye to aerated drinks due to its sugar content that has long-term disadvantageous health benefits. Besides, all non-drinkers have one more option to enjoy at parties or brunches or even road trips.

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