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Asees Kaur: Ecosystem where artistes have greater control and fair compensation is essential

ByMimansa Shekhar
Feb 23, 2024 09:55 PM IST

Singer-couple Asees Kaur and Goldie Sohel talk about their latest single “Khayaal”, changing music trends and things they'd wish to change.

Singer-couple Asees Kaur and Goldie Sohel recently released their single Khayaal. The romantic track is grabbing audience attention for the onscreen chemistry of the real-life couple. According to them, their “strong bond off-screen” helped them do justice to the script.

Asees Kaur released her new single titled "Khayaal" with singer-husband Goldie Sohel.(Instagram/@aseeskaurmusic)
Asees Kaur released her new single titled "Khayaal" with singer-husband Goldie Sohel.(Instagram/@aseeskaurmusic)

“Having Asees by my side, it was easier to connect with the song’s narrative, allowing it to guide our performance,” Sohel tells us.

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Kaur and Sohel appear as a couple in Khayaal trying to find a balance between their love and differences. The two reiterate that translating their real life romance on screen was challenging, their “shared passion for music helped bridge that gap.”

Kaur, known for hits like Raataan Lambiyan, Ve Kamleya, Nain Ta Heere, Hasina Pagal Deewani, Hui Malang and Makhna says, “While we share a strong bond off-screen, capturing that same authenticity in a scripted environment requires finesse.” Sohel adds, “It’s about the narrative we want to convey. Crafting the right emotions was crucial, making the acting aspect challenging yet rewarding.”

Kaur and Sohel tied the knot in 2023. The musical couple however disagree that only music dominates their home. “It’s not the only language we communicate in,” Sohel states.

He adds, “Like any couple, we have our moments of disagreement, but we often resolve them through music. It serves as a bridge, helping us express our feelings and reconnect on a deeper level.”

The two also indulged into talks about the ongoing music trends that they like and dislike. Kaur feels fitting into today's diverse music scene is challenging. The 35-year-old singer opines, "While there's a demand for fresh talent, standing out amid the competition requires constant innovation and adaptability to evolving trends."

So how does she deal with the way auto-tuning is impacting the Indian scene today? According to her while it “enhances certain aspects of the song, overreliance on auto-tune can dilute the authenticity of an artiste's voice.”

Asees Kaur with husband Goldie Sohel.(Instagram/@aseeskaurmusic)
Asees Kaur with husband Goldie Sohel.(Instagram/@aseeskaurmusic)

We ask the couple whether they believe the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the face of mainstream music, and Sohel quips, "there's a risk of diluting the essence of music by replicating bygone voices."

The Aaj Sajeya maker adds, "It's crucial to preserve the uniqueness of individual artistes amidst technological advancements."

Kaur adds, "AI raises ethical questions about the boundary between homage and exploitation, as well as the implications for the future of artistic expression. It should be used as a tool to complement human creativity."

Being in the business for a decade now, Kaur does feel "over-reliance on formulaic song structures and repetitive themes" needs to change.

Kaur points at the monopoly of music labels and how they stifle artistes' creativity. "A more equitable ecosystem where artistes have greater control over their work and fair compensation is essential for a thriving music industry," she says.

Ask them, what advice they’ll give to each other as artistes, and Kaur wants Sohel to trust his abilities and continue to evolve as an artiste. “Let your passion and authenticity shine through in every performance, and never lose sight of why you started making music,” she tells Sohel.

The husband, on his part advices his wife to never underestimate the power of her voice and the emotions she can evoke through her singing. The couple sign off.

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