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Bhuvan Arora in Farzi to Karishma Tanna in Scoop, Breakthrough performances on OTT in 2023

ByNavya Kharbanda
Dec 29, 2023 05:38 PM IST

From Bhuvan Arora in Farzi to Karishma Tanna in Scoop, here is a list of 10 breakthrough performances on OTT that you can't miss.

The year of 2023 witnessed many breakthrough OTT performances that captivated audiences worldwide. From dark characters to comedic brilliance, we explore the cream of the crop in OTT content this year. Here is a roundup of the best of 2023 on digital shows and films.

Karishma Tanna Bhuvan Arora on OTT
Karishma Tanna Bhuvan Arora on OTT

1. Bhuvan Arora - Farzi

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It was an enlightening year for actor Bhuvan Arora, especially after his breakthrough performance in Raj and DK’s Frazi, in which he played the role of Firoz, who helps Shahid Kapoor (Sunny) in printing money. “This year has been very fruitful and enriching both personally and professionally, indeed a happy year for me. After Farzi’s release, I have just got around 20 days off in the entire year. I am thankful to God that that has happened. It has materialised in a lot of good things, which I am hoping would come out next year. Everything has taken a big turn after the show, people have started trusting more, finances getting better, and I am being offered meatier roles. My role brought much unexpected appreciation that I never thought about,” he tells us.

2. Sukant Goel - Kaala Paani

Already known for his impactful performances, actor Sukant Goel’s portrayal of Chiru in Kaala Paani was unforgettable. “This year has been hectic, but also very giving. Post Kaala Paani, I have been getting many more interesting projects. 2023 was much busier for me. The show’s success brought many more opportunities to me, I am getting to do roles that never came to me earlier. When work is noticed, it reaches more people. I definitely got a lot of appreciation for my performances, did not expect that at all. I am very fearful when I am acting, thinking how it would come out. I am absolutely loving it. By the time I saw the show, it was already 3 weeks, I had already gotten a lot of good feedback, so the fear was managed early on,” says Goel.

3. Amruta Subhash - Lust Stories 2

It has been an amazing year for actor Amruta Subhash as well, especially after her portrayal of Seema, the layered character of a house help who has sex with her husband on her boss’ bed. “I am really overwhelmed by the responses the project has got. I am glad that Seema’s character came to me. I am very vulnerable with each new project, so I concentrate only on the truth of the character. I had never done such a role before. For me, the success of a performance is in finding the truth of a character. However yes, it did give me many awards and appreciation, I am really happy and grateful about that. My dream was not to get slotted in any particular character, and the industry has done that for me. This year has been great in terms of opportunities and the love that I’ve been getting. I want to thank OTT for giving me diverse characters,” remarks Subhash.

4. Rajshri Deshpande - Trial By Fire

For actor Rajshri Deshpande, the year was filled with accolades and appreciation. Her character of Neelam in Trial By Fire will always be etched in the audience’ hearts. Talking about the same, Deshpande shares, “It was a roller coaster ride this year, because I am in an unpredictable profession, every year is different. Because of the show’s success and my performance which was appreciated by many, a lot of people got to know about my work and got confidence about casting me. I like to do layered characters. I am still hopefully waiting for better scripts after Trial By Fire. Everything is very positive because my work in that show reached out to many people. This was my first show as a protagonist and before that it was always in an ensemble cast. People now look at my carrying a project alone.”

5. Suvinder Pal Vicky - Kohrra

Punjab Police cop Balbir Singh’s portrayal in Kohrra couldn’t have been at its best if it wasn’t actor Suvinder Vicky behind the lens. “After Kohrra, I got a lot of appreciation on a different level, because of which this year has been amazing for me. In fact, industry ka nazariya meri taraf change hogaya, they have started taking me more seriously. Moreover, I got so many awards for Kohrra this year, and recognition for an actor plays a very important role in his career. Koi character acha kia ho toh log yaad rakhte hain. I started with very small scenes with my career, but now that has changed. I have always given my 100% to every character in my life. Yeh itne bade level par hojayega, yeh kabhi nahi socha tha,” he says thanking God for the year he had.

6. Chintan Rachhch - Class

After playing the closeted gay guy Faruq dealing with drugs and trying to make his parents happy somehow, while living his actual self, Chintan Racchch won hearts with the show Class. He says, “It feels like I’ve been exposed to the world and it’s not going to be the same exactly. I am grateful that the year turned out to be this way for me. The exposure Class has given and the reception has been of both - quality and quantity. I didn’t consider myself a part of this industry before, I’ve entered the industry after I played the character of Faruq. I didn’t like my part when it was being shot, but maybe I’m too self critical. But the final product turned out to be really good.”

7. Sidhant Gupta - Jubilee

Actor Siddhant Gupta turned into a penniless migrant Jay Khanna in Vikramaditya Motwane’s show Jubilee. After stunning everyone with his smashing breakthrough performance, he talked to us in an earlier interview and said, “I haven’t felt so much love ever, suddenly life has meaning. I feel like a complete different human being to be honest. I don’t regret anything. I’m at a position where I’m happy creatively. If this (show) has come to me, I thank God I didn’t give up, thank God, I didn’t know how to give up.”

8. Jaya Ahsaan - Kadak Singh

After her standout performance in Kadak Singh as Naina, actor Jaya Ahsan talks to us and says, “It was a fresh and layered character and people noticed it. It was something that I did out of my comfort zone, and if it still stood out, then it is a huge thing for me. For me, the journey of shooting matters more but I never thought that it would be appreciated so much. Some people said that the screen time would be more, but I felt it was quite strong and good. I am getting more scripts after the film, but I am waiting for something fresh and new.”

9. Gagan Dev Riar - Scam 2003

It was difficult to tell the difference between actor Gagan Dev Riar and actual Abdul Karim Telgi, as the resemblence, acting, and style was so similar and effortless. Talking about his stint, he says, “After the show, this year has been like a very big Christmas party, which is still going on. I have not been working at all, only attending events, interviews and parties. It is a roller coaster ride for me right now. The response to my performance was great. I was happy that the directors and writers were also very happy, which is really important for me. Audience’ love and people messaging me to tell that they couldn’t differentiate between me and the real Telgi is a big compliment. I tried my best as an actor. I did get some offers after the show, but I am waiting it out for the right role to come.”

10. Karishma Tanna - Scoop

After her praiseworthy performance in Scoop as an investigative journalist, Karishma Tanna tells us, "This year has been incredible, especially after the success of Scoop. It's been a whirlwind of excitement and growth, both personally and professionally. The show's success opened up several new opportunities. It allowed me to explore diverse roles and collaborate with talented individuals in the industry. There's been a noticeable shift in the industry's approach, which has been incredibly encouraging. The recognition from "Scoop" has led to more engaging discussions and diverse projects. I'm grateful for the appreciation the performance received. It was a challenging role, and I hoped audiences would connect, but the overwhelming response has been beyond my expectations."

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