Fast Charlie director Phillip Noyce: I have watched RRR and I loved it, also I want to work with SRK - Hindustan Times

Fast Charlie director Phillip Noyce: I have watched RRR and I loved it, also I want to work with SRK

ByNavya Kharbanda
Jun 09, 2024 12:32 PM IST

Australian director Phillip Noyce, whose film Fast Charlie released in India recently, talks about the Indian film industry.

Australian film director Phillip Noyce, who has helmed the popular film Salt, is excited that his latest film Fast Charlie (2023) has finally hit the theatres in India. “It’s so exciting that people in India are watching my film now. I wish I was there to see it with them to see their reactions. Seeing a movie with the Indian audience is different because they are so expressive with their appreciation. They live the movie inside their body in a cinema. That doesn’t really happen anywhere in the world,” he says.

Phillip Noyce directed Fast Charlie
Phillip Noyce directed Fast Charlie

The director’s experience of filming Fast Charlie was “fantastic for two reasons”. “I was filming in one of my most favourite cities, New Orleans. Secondly, I was filming with James Caan, an idol of mine, Pierce Brosnan, and Morena Baccarin. It was fabulous to work on the locations with such a stellar cast,” he shares with a smile.

Actor James Caan’s untimely death left the cast and crew in shock but he will always cherish a lovely memory. “Mr. James Caan passed away two months after completing the shoot of the film. When we were working with him, we thought that perhaps we were not making a drama, but a documentary. He is playing a man suffering from dementia and he wasn’t actually acting, rather living the same experience, except the camera is rolling,” he tells us, adding, “However, he was so jolly and enthusiastic after the shoot, we had the privilege of working with an amazing actor. He was so much into method acting that he created dementia. It wasn’t him, it was his performance and he fooled everyone on the set. It was a relief actually! He wasn’t sick, he was fine. But sadly, he passed away soon after.”

Noyce is fond of the Indian film industry and has watched several films as well. “I have watched RRR, it was a huge success all around the world. I also loved Dev Patel’s Monkey Man, it was the film of the year for me. It has the same kind of love for storytelling that RRR had. I think it is an Indian movie,” he tells us.

“My love for Indian cinema goes way back. Pather Panchali is one of my favourite films of all time. It has emotion and really stirred me when I was young. There are so many great Indian movies that we also get to see through streaming services,” the 74-year-old further adds.

He wishes to shoot a film in India soon and would love to work with Bollywood actors. “I would love to work with Shah Rukh Khan. It would be an honour to make a film in India. There are so many wonderful movies of so many different kinds. It would be great if the Indian film industry would try harder and bring their films to a wider audience. I know the market place is supposedly in charge of that, but there are so many great Indian movies that don’t even get a release outside of India. I can say that because I have seen them in many film festivals,” he ends.

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