India's Covid-19 caseload is second-highest globally though with over 97% recovery rate (Representational Photo/REUTERS)
India's Covid-19 caseload is second-highest globally though with over 97% recovery rate (Representational Photo/REUTERS)

‘Credit to India, not govt’: In RS, PM Modi hails fight against Covid-19

The Prime Minister spoke in the Upper House on Monday, dedicating a significant portion of his speech to Covid-19.
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UPDATED ON FEB 08, 2021 12:57 PM IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday hailed India’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) in the Rajya Sabha. PM Modi’s remarks came during his response in the Upper House to the Motion of Thanks to President Ram Nath Kovind’s address; the President’s address on January 29 marked the commencement of the ongoing Budget session of Parliament.

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The Prime Minister noted how the whole world was sceptical of what would happen if India is unable to handle the pandemic. “People in our own country tried to spread fear. No one knows what an unknown enemy can do. This was an unprecedented crisis so nobody knew how to handle this unknown enemy. However, today the whole world recognises that India played a significant role in saving humanity,” PM Modi said.

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The credit for this goes not to any government or an individual, but to India, he remarked. The Prime Minister also recalled a photo from last year of an old woman lighting an earthen lamp outside her small hut to pray for India’s well-being, noting that the woman was, however, mocked. “You might’ve seen on social media the photo of an old woman sitting outside her hut on footpath, lighting a diya and praying for the welfare of India. However, there are some who mocked her, made fun of her emotions,” PM Modi said.

He also recalled days when smallpox and polio used to spread fear among people, adding how people had to toil to get vaccines for the two diseases. “If we go back to those days, we’ll realise that a country seen as a third world country has come up with a vaccine for the welfare of humanity that too in such a short span of time,” said PM Modi, lauding India’s scientists.

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The Prime Minister also said that the country can be proud that the world’s largest vaccination drive against Covid-19 is being conducted here. “India emerged as a pharmacy during the pandemic. We distributed vaccines in 150 countries during this crisis,” PM Modi said adding that the world today proudly says that it is receiving vaccines developed in India.

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PM Modi also praised India’s federal structure, saying that both the Centre and states showed how they can work together in times of crises. He directed particular praise to state governments for their efforts.

India’s Covid-19 caseload is the second-highest in the world, behind that of the United States, and ahead of Brazil’s. The country’s tally currently stands at 10,838,194 after 11,831 cases were registered in the preceding 24 hours, according to the Union health ministry on Monday. However, of these, more than 10.5 million or over 97% are recovered cases, as per the ministry.

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