A screengrab of the Hindustan Times on September 14, 1947
A screengrab of the Hindustan Times on September 14, 1947

HT THIS DAY: Sept 14, 1947 — Troops beat off mob attack on village near Delhi; miscreants snipe from houses in Daryaganj, escape

One person was killed and two were injured. The rioters beat a hasty retreat through a back-lane. A military picket has been stationed in the area.
By Special Correspondent
PUBLISHED ON SEP 13, 2021 11:42 PM IST

New Delhi: There was recurrence of trouble in the Daryaganj area this evening when some Muslim rioters entrenched themselves behind a house and a mosque in the Faiz Bazar area and began firing on passersby.

One person was killed and two were injured. The police and the military took immediate action, overcame opposition and occupied the house. The rioters beat a hasty retreat through a back-lane. A military picket has been stationed in the area.

The police today carried out a number of searches to recover arms and ammunition illegally held. A Muslim house on Barakhamba Road and another on Keeling Road were searched this morning by the police aided by the military. Some weapons are reported to have been recovered, and in one Muslim house a number of guns were found against licences issued by the N.-W.F.P. Government.

A shot was fired on the occupants of 6 Keeling Road today, but the identity or the community is not known. This house has been occupied by a refugee family from Lahore. The bullet hit the window glass pane. The police is investigating the incident.

Three boxes of shot-guns were recovered by the police near Nizamuddin. They came from Bombay and did not bear the name and address of the sender. They were addressed to “Abdulla.” who is not traced.

At Palam aerodrome searches resulted in the confiscation of two wshot-guns which were held without any licences.

A mob estimated at 25.000 yes.

A military spokesman describing the incident said the mob was armed with all types of weapons. A platoon of troops broke up the mob. Fresh reinforcements have been sent to the area. The area, however, is still disturbed.

A Delhi Magistrate advised the Muslims of Mehrauli to evacuated to Red Fort for their own safety, but they refused to do so.

A bomb exploded in Phatak Habash Khan resulting in injuries to one person. There were two cases of arson, one in Kucha Natwan and the other in a house on Bahadurgarh Road in the area of police station Sadar Bazar. A few shops were looted in Pertain locality.

Stabbing Incidents

There were some stray cases of stabbing in the Babar Road area and one person is reported to have been killed. For the rest, New Delhi presented a more or less normal appearance. The shops including those of the Muslims and the shopping centres were all open.

In Chandni Chowk, there was a case of booting early this morning. The police had to use tear-gas and a number of arrests were made. Except for Daryaganj, where almost all were open before the shooting incident in the evening, Old Delhi again presented a deserted appearance.

Six persons, who, it is believed, took part in the rioting in Paharganj, have been arrested. One car which it is alleged was used in the Paharganj rioting has also been seized.

The concentration of Muslim refugees in Jama Masjid has decreased and, as welcome sign of a partial return to normalcy, refugees were seen freely moving about in a wide area around the mosque.

Warning To Rioters

Stray incidents, it is reported, have occurred in which -miscreants have fired on troops patrolling the city. A major incident of this nature occurred on Thursday night when shots were fired on the troops near Purana Quila. The firing was replied to by the troops but the miscreants managed to escape. The military headquarters of the Delhi Area Command have issued a warning to all such lawbreakers that stern action will be taken to prevent such incidents in future.

A similar case of firing from a house has also been reported from Ballimara6 Street in Old Delhi.

Casualties admitted into Delhi hospitals on Friday totalled 54.

Thirty-four bad characters were rounded up in Old Delhi and 13 in New Delhi on Friday. A large quantity of looted property was recovered.

It was reported that most of the telephone operators and staff had turned up for work in Delhi and others had been requisitioned from outside. It is expected that the telephone system would be working satisfactorily in two or three days.

Situation Under Control

Indian Army Headquarters reported to the Emergency Committee of the Cabinet on Saturday that the Army was in control of the situation in the disturbed areas of East Punjab and Delhi. Prompt action had been taken by troops wherever incidents had occurred. Except for isolated stabbings and some cases of looting, Delhi, on the whole, has been quiet. Patrols have been strengthened in areas where tension still prevails, and in the combing out of localities where disturbances occurred, large quantities of illicit arms and ammunition have been recovered.

Regarding East Punjab, the Committee was informed that although there was tension in rural areas, the movement of refugees in both directions was generally proceeding smoothly.

The Committee decided that the Pakistan officials and staff, and their families, stranded in Delhi, should have the first priority in moving out. The Committee was informed that

transport had been arranged and the Commander-in-Chief reported that protective escorts would be provided.

Protection For Refugees

The Committee directed the Delhi Emergency Committee, through its chairman, Mr Bhabha, to arrange for all refugees to be accommodated in organized and protected camps, where arrangements for food and medical attention are provided.

Pandit Nehru reported that in addition to the provinces and States who have already offered to accept refugees, he had received a number of offers from individuals to receive refugee families. The list of offers has been handed over to the Ministry of Refugees.

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