2004 - The Year of Grace

We ask for guidance into the Light, and are promised that all our calls will manifest in this Year of Grace!

india Updated: Feb 02, 2004 17:39 IST

This is a channeling of the energies of Lord Metatron, the Lord of Light, who has now been able to pierce the energies of the Earth, in the new vibration set up by the collective consciousness of humans over the last two decades.

It is important to understand that once we have moved forward collectively in this fashion, it is impossible for us to take a backward step into the old energy vibration. Doing so would cause a sort of a split personality, leading to disastrous consequences.

Hence, whenever we find ourselves, out of our automated habits, trying to cling on to it, let us remind ourselves, that that is not whom we truly are. We are New Age Beings of Light, on our Ascension Path. We may ask the Universe to keep us on the straight and narrow path that we have chosen, constantly battling the last 'old energy force' that we were gripped by.

We ask for guidance into the Light, and are promised that all our calls will manifest in this Year of Grace!

A declaration of releasement of the 'old' is decreed in the year 2004. In 2004, you enter the 6th dimensional vibration, the 6th dimensional self, and the 6th sense as it presents itself in new undertakings and encodings that release captive information from the human spirit.

As you walk into this time capsule and awaken the dormant soul codes holding information, and probable outcomes of experiences, you will then un-code and decode what has awaited your approach into the Age of Light.

Lord Metatron:

"Beloved Ones, the energies of Metatron are the energies of Divine Joy and Bliss. I am now more fully able to come into your plane and bring these energies to you, because you have earned that, you have called it forth. You have raised the frequency enough for me to do that. Yet there are many among you whose hearts are closed, who are clinging to the old energy ways of judgment, duality and fear.

Beloved Ones, now that Love has entered into the Earth plane, you can choose to live in a state of Grace, rather than one of karma. You must, though, be willing to open your hearts - to give up your fears, your rigid belief systems, your desire to be right.

Until you are willing to unfetter yourself of those things, you will not be able to accept the gift of Divine Grace. As more of the higher energies enter into your plane, hanging on to your lower energy belief systems and emotions will become increasingly uncomfortable.

You will ultimately have to choose either old energy or new - because Love and Fear cannot exist in the same frequency band. Beloved Ones, gallant crusaders of the Light, we would hope that each one of you would choose to claim your reward.

To be continued...

First Published: Feb 02, 2004 17:11 IST