3 Indians in top 100 women

Baroness Usha Prashar, Meena Pathak

india Updated: Dec 24, 2003 12:15 IST

The Indians in Britain, both men and women, have been figuring in the various Rich Lists for over a decade. But now, a few have entered the list of "Britain's 100 most Influential Women".

They are shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of the Queen, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Sun Editor Rebekah Wade, JK Rowling, Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt and Cherie Booth QC, wife of UK premier Tony Blair.

Meena Pathak, known as the Indian spice queen, occupies a very high position at the estimated wealth of £50 million. The Mail, which has compiled the List says: "The British would not be able to enjoy their new national dish, chicken tikka masala, without her".

The 46-year-old, a former model, started a catering company - believe it or not - with £5, selling samosas and pickles to Asian shops. Married to Kirti, scion of the Pathak family, she has recently opened a £18 million factory in Wigan, which is described as the world's largest Indian kitchen.

The other Indian-origin person in the list is Baroness Usha Prashar, CBE. "Both as a woman and a British-Indian", Prashar has blazed trails, Mail compliments. She has helped in race relations and has spearheaded literary campaigns.

The third in the list is Professor Praveen Kumar who has written a medical text book, and is rated high among those in the health and academic category.

About Cherie Blair, the paper says she is fiercely feminist, yet is willing to use tears to gain public sympathy. As a lawyer she is a powerful voice for feminism and civil rights.

About the list of 100, the Mail says: "Some are famous, some you may never have heard of. But, their influence shapes all our lives. They come from every background... and belong to every race and religion."

First Published: Dec 23, 2003 19:47 IST