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A home died with Dhananjoy?s hanging

Dhananjoy Chatterjee?s execution ended one life, but it has destroyed three more. His mother has gone mad.
None | By Sujit Nath, Bankura (west Bengal)
PUBLISHED ON OCT 29, 2006 01:04 PM IST

Dhananjoy Chatterjee’s execution ended one life, but it has destroyed three more. His mother has gone mad. His father and wife now beg for a living. Even now, a deathly silence hangs over his home in Bansidhar village in Bankura, West Bengal, where his family stays.

When this correspondent reached the village, Dhananjoy’s father Bansidhar Chatterjee, 76,

was sitting under a balsam tree crying before an idol of goddess Kali. “Human beings may commit crimes but what about her? You cannot expect such things from God. My son was innocent, he was hanged because of the political interests of a few people,” he said.

After a while he returned to his crumbling little hut. His wife Belarani, who seemed not to notice there was a visitor at the door, suddenly rushed

up and started shouting, “I told you to come tomorrow as Dhananjoy has gone to Kolkata on some work.” Her shout brought her elder son Bikash to the scene. He explained that his mother has lost

her mind, and still thinks Dhananjoy will return from Kolkata.

Inside the house, a little girl was playing with a tin box which contained some trinkets and a pouch. Dhananjoy’s wife Purnima said, “Don’t touch that pouch; it contains sindoor (vermillion)”.

Her brother-in-law Gangadhar said, “Please leave us in peace. Why don’t you people go to Delhi and ask Mohammad Afzal’s family members about the death penalty?” He said he wants Afzal to be hanged. However Purnima said she wants no one to die. “This happened with my husband. No more deaths please.”

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