'Afzal's hanging answer to terror'
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'Afzal's hanging answer to terror'

Surfers think any other decision would mock at India's resolve to tackle terror.

india Updated: Oct 05, 2006 12:49 IST

The news that execution of Mohammad Afzal Guru , chief conspirator of December 13, 2001, may be delayed has met with an angry outburst.

Not many surfers want to reconsider the decision of the apex court.

Here's how the responses went.

Satbir Singh Bedi of New Delhi, India didn't agree with the arguments being given by a section of political parties. This is what he had to say.

"People who seek mercy for Afzal are saying that his side of the story has not been heard. They also say that it would disturb the communal amity and would have repercussions in the valley."

"Afzal's story has been heard by all courts - from the trial court till the Supreme Court. There is nothing more to be heard."

"As for his execution disturbing the communal amity, I fail to understand why it should disturb communal harmony or create repercussions in the Kashmir valley. Those people who advocate this simply doubt the patriotism of the Muslims and Kashmiris."

"Of course, certain Pakistan backed groups would try to create disturbances but we should deal with those disturbances with an iron hand and execute Afzal as quickly as possible so that he does not spend his time in agony waiting for death."

Vinod from Calgary, Canada gave a rather sarcastic remark. He attacked the Congress party of playing vote-bank politics.

"Great job! To grant clemency for Mohd Afzal or to even defer his execution will be a good gesture on part of the government under the secular umbrella of Congress."

"I think the govt should amend the constitution and laws should only be applicable for Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists. At least that will keep our politicians happy and their Muslim vote-bank secure."

Arun from Los Angeles, USA too was quite livid at the suggestion.

"I think we should not only accept mercy pleas of Afzal but also invite terrorists to come from Pakistan to throw some more bombs in India!"

"We must forget about the sacrifices for those who died in the parliament attack or Mumbai train blasts and sing the name of peace talk by UPA government and make all Pakistani terrorists happy."

Aparna from Mumbai, India drew a parallel between the hanging of rapist Dhananjay Chatterjee in Kolkata last year and Afzal.

"This has reference to the above news that Afzal's execution may be delayed. Why delay the execution? Kolkata rapist Dhananjoy Chatterjee was hanged on his birthday. All pleas from human rights activists were rejected. Some politicians are playing vote bank politics in Afzal's case. In China, when a person is executed his/her relatives should pay the cost of the single bullet used. That is real justice."

Raj of Los Angeles, USA was of the opinion that Afzal's hanging would send the sternest of message to terror groups targetting India.

"Now is the time to send a clear message in unequivocal terms: terror will not be tolerated in India and terrorists will be brought to justice."

However, there were those who were willing to give the clemency a thought.

Writing under the acronym "abq", a surfer from Hyderabad in India thought the best way to tackle terror is to appeal to the heart.

"The only way to defeat terrorism is to win the hearts of the people. By changing the sentence from execution to life imprisonment, the President of India will be sending a right signal to the people of Jammu and Kashmir that we are with them."


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First Published: Oct 05, 2006 12:49 IST