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Are you a Page 3 doll?

They come in all shapes and sizes, ladies and gentlemen, the "Page 3 wannabes", writes Pinky Nigam. Are socialites living a fake life?
None | By Pinky Nigam, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON MAR 21, 2006 08:04 PM IST

Red. No, make it Dracula red. Darker. Redder, if that was possible. Creamier and shinier. She wanted it, on that foot. Hell, was this a vanity show or a routine cleansing pedicure? Oh, I made a mistake again; maybe this was fancier than that. Maybe even more. There was absolutely nothing else I could lay my eyes on than women, multitudes of them, tick-tocking around that 'elite' beauty parlor, oops, the Fashion Salon I mean.

Barbies rule the party scene!
As I waited, and waited and waited some more I watched them, those 'over the edge', 'on the top', 'been there done that' posh women, as they identified themselves with not a single strand of hair left naturally black (Grey maybe, you never know their age - but then that's the point), butt hugging jeans, that crater-huge red "thing" on their forehead, the enormous rings and of course all that attitude which seems to be working better than money. Why else would they command a swarm of beauticians huddled around them, even as they despair of having lost all their credit cards, just this morning!

Well, they come in all shapes and sizes, ladies and gentlemen, the "Page 3 wannabes".

Oh, have some of them accomplished that title already? Many hearty congratulations! I think I'm going to try getting her autograph now!

I, sometimes, wonder why have I been left alone, rather 'outclassed' of that lot in this dingy corner seat, with nothing better than to look at myself in the mirror or maybe watch these butterflies tip the men. Oh, did I just see one drool over her with a five hundred-rupee note between his teeth? Oh Tommy, how obedient!

All right, I'm angry. But I have every reason to be. Okay, maybe I am looking like a college-going ordinary nothing right now and I have ugly feet, and my hair needs a miracle but hello! Why the hell do you think I'm here and…stuck?

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