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Are you feeling safe? Cops aren?t!

IS EVERYTHING OK? The malls are shining, people are dining (out), roads are widening?so to say! No. Look in their eyes. They can?t deny the scare. That?s why one feels jittery when someone in the family returns home late. The fear gets intensified when one reads headlines how bad boys give cops a bonnet ride. Fear psychosis has gripped one and all. Even those who are the protectors of the Constitution.

india Updated: Jun 03, 2006 00:08 IST

IS EVERYTHING OK? The malls are shining, people are dining (out), roads are widening…so to say!

No. Look in their eyes. They can’t deny the scare. That’s why one feels jittery when someone in the family returns home late. The fear gets intensified when one reads headlines how bad boys give cops a bonnet ride.

Fear psychosis has gripped one and all. Even those who are the protectors of the Constitution.

Former president of the Lucknow Bar Association Saroj Shukla, who is also planning to meet the DGP Bua Singh soon with a delegation of lawyers, says, “The law and order in the city has gone for a toss. With criminals getting political patronage and good officers being sidelined, the sense of insecurity among commoners is very high.”

It’s not the CO’s ‘bonnet ride’ alone that has scared the people. The reasons are far too many. What do you make of an incident where despite the DGP’s directives to take punitive action against an inspector for failing to streamline traffic, the cop manages a plum posting a day after?

“The cops are expected to instill a sense of security among the people. But, whether it’s a bonnet ride that a CO is forced to take by hoodlums or an inspector showing his might to the DGP, the message that one gets is that good cops are being taken for a ride while the unscrupulous ones are making hay,” says a senior IPS officer.

The popular view is that while the criminals are getting fearless, the commoner is plagued by security concerns. Ironically, nobody is quite sure what exactly is going wrong in a city that was once known for its culture and etiquettes. All that one is sure of is that they are jittery when one of their family members, goes out on a late evening errand and is delayed beyond a point. If the member happens to be women, the anxiety is even more.

“This kind of anxiety grips us even during the day. And you do not have to wait till past midnight to expect the unexpected. After all, wasn’t Mehar Bhargava shot at by criminals when the markets were still buzzing with activity?” asks Kishan Chand Bhambhawani, president of the Hazratganj Traders Association. A senior official of the district administration put the entire thing in perspective when he said poetically, “yahan har shaksh har pal hadsa honey se darta hai…na bas main zindagi apni, na qaboo maut par inka, phir bhi kab yahan insaan, khuda hone se darta hain, mere dil ke kisi koney main ek masoom sa baccha, badon ki dekh kar duniya, bada hone se darta hai.” And then he added, “uppar walon se protection nahin, neechon walon ka support nahi…kare bhi to kya?”

On Tuesday, couple of hours after the sensational ‘bonnet incident’ a blue beaconed car came to a screeching halt outside a restaurant on the Joppling Road. There were eight passengers, in their mid 20s who by their appearance resembled more like road romeos out on their ‘night duty.’ They ordered cold drinks which they splashed on each other, gave a dirty look to the restaurant owner when he asked for money before speeding off.

This partly explains the common man’s predicament. We asked former DGP Sri Ram Arun what he would have done had he been the DGP when the five hoodlums who were moving in a blue beacon car took the CO for a ride. “I would treated them befittingly and instructed my men accordingly,” he said. So, when a cop of the Hazratganj police station clenches his fist on seeing the (in) famous five but is unable to give vent to his ire, you know what is wrong and why the common man is afraid.

Boys ‘stole’ the jeep: SSP

IT SEEMS the five goons who misbehaved with the cop moved about on a stolen or robbed jeep. They fitted red beacon and hooters on it to avoid inconvenience!

The revelation made by SSP Dr GK Goswami after delayed primary investigation into the case of sensational incident of assault on CO Chowk Rajesh Sahni indicated towards the same. SSP Dr GK Goswami said the jeep was either robbed or stolen.

The CO was dragged from Kaiserbagh to SSP’s residence in Hazratganj on Tuesday making him perched on the bonnet of the same jeep.

SP (West) DK Rai, who is probing the case, somehow spared time for the investigation on Friday and contacted Mumbai counterparts seeking their help in verifying about the ownership of the jeep. SSP Dr Goswami broke his silence on Friday evening and briefed the mediapersons about the development in the investigation so far.

The SSP revealed that the Mumbai police verified the registration number of the jeep (MAR-4565) from the regional transport office. Significantly, the documentation about the vehicle in the department did not match with the engine number and the chassis number of the jeep seen after the Tuesday incident.

Documents related to the registration of the jeep recovered from the jeep by Lucknow police revealed that the vehicle was registered in the name of Sky Pak courier Ltd, Jali Bhawan, Azad Nagar, Mumbai. On the other hand, the Mumbai police revealed that the registration of the vehicle was found in the name of Jayanti Lal Mohanlal Mehta, Kailash Nagar, Tardeo, Mumbai.

Besides, the documents related to the insurance of the jeep recovered by the police carried name of Shobha Rani of Aliganj. The cops verified the address to found that no such lady resides at the mentioned place.

Dr Goswami further stated that the details so far indicated that the jeep either was stolen or was robbed.

The SSP asked SP (West) DK Rai to seek police remand of the five youths to retrieve more details about their antecedents and to know as how did they get the jeep. Dr Goswami also said that the police would inquire the youths about their links in the state capital.

The SSP also asked DK Rai to collect details about those policemen who were deployed on duty at various points between Kaiserbagh and Hazratganj when the incident had taken place. Action would be taken against those policemen, SSP said. Dr Goswami ordered DK Rai to probe as how did the five youths manage to carry cellphones inside the jail on Wednesday.