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Army, IAF kick off major war games

The “fall” of “Danwar” will allow the military to launch a more lethal campaign against a “hostile neighbour”. Rahul Singh tells us more.
Hindustan Times | By Rahul Singh, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 19, 2008 02:47 AM IST

On the morning of March 19, the Army and Air Force will mount a combined offensive deep inside “enemy territory”, to wrest control of a strategic town in the western sector that has been the scene of some deadly fighting in India’s previous wars.

The “fall” of “Danwar” will allow the military to launch a more lethal campaign against a “hostile neighbour”, who by afternoon would have been driven back “60 kilometers” into their own territory.

This is not the description of a major operation but details of the objectives of ‘Brazen Chariots’, the biggest Army-Air Force exercise in four years.

At a recent briefing, Colonel AK Das, from the Army’s public information wing, said: “Blue Land forces will launch a deep offensive into Red Land (hostile neighbour). It will be carried out in multiple thrust lines converging at Danwar…”

Matching the Army’s armour and blazing Bofors guns will be the IAF’s Sukhoi-30 MKIs, MiG-21 Bisons and MiG-27s. The military is flying 94 observers and defence attaches from 64 countries to Pokhran for the war games.

Brazen Chariots is not about waging war. But the “free-force maneouvres” will simulate battlefield conditions in the deserts of Rajasthan to address the dynamic changes sweeping today’s battlespace. According to Colonel Das, in operational terms, Brazen Chariots will seek to tighten the sensor-to-shooter loop, leverage battlefield transparency and integrate air and land battles to triumph in future wars.

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