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Arshad not allowed to dance in Krazzy 4

Arshad Warsi is unhappy over director Jaideep Sen's decision of not letting him dance in the forthcoming flick Krazzy 4.
IANS | By HT Correspondent, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 19, 2008 05:03 PM IST

He is a talented actor and good dancer too. But Arshad Warsi was not allowed to dance in Krazzy 4.

Could it because of his rift with director Jaideep Sen?

"I don't think so. Jaideep and I may not be working together, but we respect one another's work. Never mind. I'll dance my heart out in my own production. One advantage of producing your own film is, no one can stop you from doing what you want," Arshad told IANS.

Sen told him that a dance sequence would not suit his character.

"I told my director that I wanted to dance, but I was turned down. I don't know why. The reason given was because it would go against my character. Besides, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik, who've done item songs for Krazzy 4, can add to the film's commercial viability. I can't. Even today I've a tough time getting leading ladies to agree to pair with me," admitted Arshad candidly.

Recently, Lara Dutt opted out of Anil Kapoor's Short Cut when she heard Arshad was her co-star. And now the actor is looking for a suitable leading lady for his first production tentatively entitled I Believe In Angels.

The project has been in the news for being dumped by Krazzy 4 director Sen, who has opted out.

"But no sweat," said the ever-optimistic Arshad. "This often happens when an actor or a director is recognised overnight. After the news spread that Sen had done a good job in Krazzy 4, he was flooded with offers. He no longer found my project worthy of his attention. No problem. I immediately approached my friend Kabeer Kaushik, who has earlier directed me in 'Saher'.

"To be frank I always wanted Kabeer. He had the guts and vision to cast me as the positive lead in Saher at a time when I was typecast as a supporting comic actor. But Kabeer was busy with his current assignment Chamko (featuring Bobby Deol). So I went to Jaideep whose work I really like in Krazzy 4, but now when Kabeer is finishing with Chamko in May, he can go right into my film."

Meanwhile, Arshad is busy with pre-production work.

"I'm getting everything into place so that by the time Kabeer is free in May he just has to come on- board to direct. No matter what, my film, which has lots of F-X and supernatural stuff, will take off July 15. But please, it is not a film about spooks. My wife Maria is the official producer. She would rather see me as a dost (friend) than ghost."

Arshad's last release Sunday was did not fare well at the box office.

"But I enjoyed working with Irrfan Khan. Now we're together again in Krazzy 4 and that's been quite an experience."

Their ultimate compliment for Arshad came from Hrithik Roshan who said Arshad didn't seem to be acting at all.

"That's right," Arshad admits softly. "Hrithik did say I was a natural in Krazzy 4. That meant a lot. All of us actors are hungry for compliments and they aren't very easy to come by from colleagues."

Arshad's next Munnabhai movie is very much on. It sees him with Sanjay Dutt again. They will both head to US for further adventures.

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