Baalu urges PM to probe fatwa

The Union minister seeks the Govt's intervention in the threat issued by BJP's Vedanti against Karunanidhi.

india Updated: Sep 23, 2007 19:00 IST

Union Transport and Shipping Minister TR Baalu on Sunday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking Centre's intervention in the reported threat issued by former BJP MP Ram Vilas Vedanti on the life of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. <b1>

"On behalf of DMK parliamentary party, I appeal to the Government of India to interfere forthwith and take immediate action with a firm hand, so as to put an end to such unlawful, undemocratic provocative attitude of persons like Ram Vilas Vedanti, who is driven by religious fundamentalist forces, who have deep rooted design to destabilise the country," he said in the letter.

Quoting various media reports on the issue, Baalu in his letter said: "this barbarious and heinous threat on the life of our beloved leader has sent sent shock waves across the Tamil community. It has infuriated crores of Tamil people all over the world and unequivocally hurt the Tamil sentiments universally cutting across party lines. Already the atmosphere in the state is tense and surcharged with full of emotions and nothing should be let to develop into unmanageable turmoil leading to a flash point," he added.

First Published: Sep 23, 2007 18:02 IST