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Believe it or not

Filmmaker Prakash Jha says every spark of creativity is a proof of God’s presence. Excerpts from the interview with Shalini Singh.
Hindustan Times | By Shalini Singh
UPDATED ON MAY 01, 2010 11:04 PM IST

Filmmaker Prakash Jha says every spark of creativity is a proof of God’s presence.

What’s your idea of God?

Tough question. I think it’s a way to understand yourself… there is an ultimate higher force and the idea is to submit yourself to nature’s power, be humbled by what exists beyond you. It can’t be shaped, only felt. I’m a believer. I do puja everyday. I feel more reverence than fear.

Any God moments?

I experience it every single day in my work, through any new idea or inspiration. It’s about what comes to you through the flight of imagination and to feel the power guiding you to turn it into reality.

Would you call it awakening the ‘higher’ self?

I don’t know. Maybe…in that case I would always be high! (Laughs)

How do you distinguish between religion and spirituality?

Ideally, they should be the same. I begin my day with a prayer after a bath. I chant the Ganpati stuti mantra; I remember waking up to my mother’s chanting and the smell of incense as a kid…we never questioned it. It’s important for me to begin my day like this.

Your take on love?

Love comes with life. To live with dignity, love and be loved. I have never craved for love, always felt it. Love should always be there. I don’t think I can ever hate anything; I’m ok with everything!

And happiness?

I’m always happy unless I experience cruelty of any sort or if I have been unfair in my response or dealing with someone. Life is such a happy thing.

You’re an optimist.


How do you deal with life’s challenges? Head on. There is no challenge, you can do anything. Unless you climb the steps, how will you reach the top? You can’t call the steps challenges...

Any spiritual goals you aspire for?

Life is like a bookshop. There’s literature, romance, thrillers…more you go in, more you find. Then there’s philosophy and spirituality too. It’s important to accept and believe all kinds of truths, not deny any physical or spiritual experiences.

Your solution for communal harmony?

Democracy is such a common word, and its first tenet is equality. Countries that became democracies in the 70s and 80s have also the most strife. The word secular assumes there’s no equality. It should be a given. These things are used by people who want power.

So stop thinking about communal harmony, stop talking about it..

--Shalini Singh

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