Betting odds favour Australians

With string of failures by hosts, bookies are rating Aussies as favourites, reports Manish Pachouly. Last 12 encounters

india Updated: Oct 29, 2006 13:39 IST

Sunday would bring some desperate moments for cricket lovers when the Indian tigers will clash with the Kangaroos to make way for semi-finals of the Champions Trophy. But for the bookies, the do-or-die situation for both the teams means a huge business, running into Rs 1,200 crore across the country.

The losing team will be out of the race and if bookies are to be believed, Indian fans have some bad news. With not so good performance by the hosts, bookies have rated Australia as favourites for the match.

The rates speak for this - an Australian victory has been quoted at 55 paise for every rupee placed on bet. The Indian victory on the other hand is quoted at Rs 1.65.

However, bookies have some hopes with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. They believe that Dhoni's performance might put Australia in some trouble. The bookies expect at least a half-century from Dhoni and the same is quoted at Rs 1.05.

"A century by him seems to be unexpected and that is the reason why it was quoted at Rs 12 for every rupee on bet," said a Malad-based bookie.

Skipper Rahul Dravid follows Dhoni in the favourites list inviting odds of Rs 1.35 for a half-century. A century by him is placed at Rs 10.50.

Sachin Tendulkar comes next with Rs 1.75 quoted for 50 runs by him. A ton by him would yield Rs 11 for every rupee.

Moreover, after losing to West Indies, India slipped down in the contender's list for the Champions Trophy. India was second favourite when it registered a victory against England.

However, now bookies have placed India on 5th position. "If India wins Sunday's match, its position would improve as Australia then would be out," the bookie said.

But at present Australia is the number one contender for the trophy with a rate of Rs 2.40 for every rupee on bet.

South Africa follows with Rs 3.30. Then comes West Indies and New Zealand with rates of Rs 4.50 and Rs 5.60 respectively. India's chance of winning the trophy is quoted at Rs 6.30.

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First Published: Oct 28, 2006 19:43 IST