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Beyond compare

Apropos of Khushwant Singh’s article The next Prime Minister? (With malice towards one and all, October 18), it is not appropriate to compare Manmohan Singh with Pandit Nehru.

india Updated: Oct 24, 2008 22:16 IST

Beyond compare
Apropos of Khushwant Singh’s article The next Prime Minister? (With malice towards one and all, October 18), it is not appropriate to compare Manmohan Singh with Pandit Nehru. Nehru enjoyed the faith and confidence of the entire nation and had little opposition within the ruling party. Singh had to work under the supervision of Sonia Gandhi with frequent interference from the Left. Nehru was a born leader with dynamic personality and charisma. Singh was selected by Sonia Gandhi because he is honest, faithful and with no personal agenda.
SK Wasan, Delhi

Two sides of the economy
With reference to Barkha Dutt’s article Yellow jackets, pink slips (Third eye, October 18), we Indians wish to enjoy the luxuries of a global economy but are not prepared for the shocks entailed in it. The young people need to remember that if they wish to enjoy the fruits of the free market, they must be prepared for its risks. If they have the privilege of jumping from one job to another for better facilities, they should also not grudge the layoffs. If fuel costs and taxes have increased and travellers have turned to other means of travel, why should airlines bear the losses? But at the same time airlines should also not look up to the government to bail them out of their predicament.
Ved Guliani, Hissar

I agree with Barkha Dutt about risk and reward being two sides of the free market, but I must point out here that our businessmen lack the principles of leadership. In 1981-82, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad countered the demand for pay raise by trade unions by surrendering 50 per cent of his salary. He punched in and out of his office and wore a name tag like other civil servants. In the current meltdown, employers should take their employees into confidence. Any collateral damage, be it reduction in salary, perks or redundancies, must be shared at all levels of the workforce.
Vinode K Mohindra, via email

There is nothing wrong with the move to lay off employees. It is for the management of a company to take decisions that will help run the business efficiently. If there is over-staffing and rising costs, it is for the company to terminate jobs in order to be profitable. But I don’t understand why political parties have to get involved in this matter. Jet Airways is not a charitable organisation. Their aim is to make profits. So, how can anyone tell them how to run their business?
Mahesh Kumar, Delhi

Indians are over the moon
Apropos of the editorial There’s nothing called a free launch (Our Take, October 23), India has a cost advantage over other counties and it should go all out to make a commercial success of space launches. As far as the critics are concerned, one can always channel the profits from commercial space programmes into development projects.
Ashok Kumar Ghosh, Kolkata

The People of India must extend their congratulations to the team at the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) and all associated with the mission for the successful launch of Chandrayaan-I. It is astonishing to note that the whole mission has materialised within Rs 400 crore. Hope India’s space journey will only gain more pace and reach newer frontiers every time. The scientists must be given every possible help to achieve the same.
Rajesh Piplani, via email

Take food off the street
The report High Court orders closure of illegal roadside eateries (October 23) is ironical because no roadside eatery would function unless it gets some kind of sanction, legal or illegal, from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Now, it is up to the MCD if it wants to implement the order or if it wants to keep violating public pace.
Arvind Kumar, Noida

Politics of hypocricy
Apropos of the report Vaiko held for pro-LTTE speech (October 24), while Vaiko has been charged with sedition for supporting the LTTE, which is not a threat to the sovereignty of our country, the separatists in Kashmir, who have declared an open war against India with the support of the ISI, are roaming scot-free. It is shocking that the main protagonist of pro-sedition campaign in Kashmir is being given a five-star treatment by the government.
Kamal Hak, Delhi