BJP not to drop temple agenda: Venkaiah

The BJP president has ruled out his party dropping its pet agendas of Ram temple, Article 370 and Uniform Civil Code from its long term policies.

india Updated: Dec 02, 2002 11:12 IST

In an apparent move aimed at silencing BJP's critics in Sangh Parivar ahead of the Gujarat polls, party president Venkaiah Naidu has ruled out the party abandoning its pet agenda of Ram temple, Article 370 and Uniform Civil Code even as he confessed only little success in containing indiscipline and factionalism among partymen.

"We have a coalition Government and hence there are limitations. Afterall, we also want abrogation of Article 370, implementation of a uniform civil code and construction of the Ram temple. I have been telling (party cadres) during my visits across the country that BJP need not be apologetic about its principles and ideology.

"We have not abandoned the issues of Ram temple, Article 370 or Uniform Civil Code and there is no question of doing so in future also but at the same time as we are heading the coalition, there is no question of imposing our agenda on anyone," Naidu said in an interview to RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya in its forthcoming issue.

In a significant statement, the BJP Chief said the party's target was to get 300 seats in the next general elections and only at the time of polls, a decision would be taken on forming an alliance or entering into electoral pacts.

Earlier, party leaders including Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani had maintained that BJP would stick to the coalition even if it gets a comfortable majority on its own in the 2004 general elections.

He also urged the party's Sangh Parivar critics not to level personal allegations and to be cautious in their public utterances and statements to the media.

First Published: Dec 01, 2002 17:07 IST