Chandigarh sizzles with Dera restaurant

The use of olive oil in its culinary items give the Dera restaurant's food a healthy touch.

india Updated: Oct 25, 2005 17:56 IST

No more boundaries and no more diligent quest for mouth-watering food now! A restaurant at Taj Hotel in Chandigarh has brought all the delicacies of Punjab under one roof.

'Dera' restaurant was recently opened at Hotel Taj and since then it has become favourite among the elite gentry of the City. People come here to have the taste of the delicious and authentic cuisine of Amritsar, Lahore and Peshawar.

The eclectic mix of robust and delicately flavoured cuisine that is served here is a big attraction for the food-lovers. The special `Phulka' (chapati) and `Tadka' trolleys to serve the visitors fill them with happiness and satisfaction.

There are many who describe 'Dera' as a camp with exotic spices on display exhibiting a fine blend of authenticity and modernity.

The restaurant has been serving a variety of vegetarian dishes and has a kitchen that prepares sizzling cuisine for food lovers.

"It is a food which is low on the Indian palate because of the use of olive oil. The chefs take all precautions about customer's health. Lot of organic food is used here. So its a more of Indian food made in contemporary style," said Abhinav McArthur, Assistant Manager for food and beverages, Taj.

This apart, the restaurant staff wear Punjabi dresses and talk in the Punjabi dialect. The restaurant with its enchanting dining area gathers the visiting customers within its warmthof colourful cushions, sequins and aromatic spices.

The best thing is that at 'Dera', food is prepared in the presence of the visitors.

"We can see the spices being put into it and one comes to know exactly what one is eating," said Amandeep Singh Bhatia, a customer, adding, "its a new experiment that if something is being cooked in your presence you feel doubly reassured".

The snacks served here are excellent. But the favourite among the people are Amritsari fish, Lahori fish and the spicy meat.

Interestingly, the items on the menu at 'Dera' have been added after making a through examination of the `street food' of Amritsar and Lahore. That is why the chefs here have been successful in preserving the authentic taste in the kitchen. With all the varieties of Amritsar's tandoori rotis and Lahore's stuffed and baked naan and rumaniroti.

First Published: Oct 21, 2005 17:39 IST