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I strongly condemn the apathy of the State government and prevailing inefficiency of local police in the matter of late Mehar Bhargava's murder. People have already lost all faith in the government and police.
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PUBLISHED ON MAR 31, 2006 12:17 AM IST

I strongly condemn the apathy of the State government and prevailing inefficiency of local police in the matter of late Mehar Bhargava's murder. People have already lost all faith in the government and police. I wish to propose that Honorable Senior Judge Allahabad High Court Lucknow Bench, Lucknow to take judicial cognizance of the matter and issue necessary directions to the State government to refer the matter to the CBI without any further delay for early and fair investigation. I further propose that security of all these politicians of ruling party should be withdrawn so that they may understand the fear of common man who are leading most insecure life. If the CBI is not assigned the case then the story of Jessical Lall may be repeated with the blessings of local police.
Shashi K Sinha

President of Debt Recovery Tribunal Bar Association.
As mother-in-law she was with the girl and objected to disgraceful comments. What if the girl had been alone? Picking up of women and girls will be next big crime if we don’t protest.                       —Malvika

We were with one of their family members and I have seen that police did not turn up until and unless they have requested higher police officials to send some cops at the place of crime. What about the common man? I am really worried about myself and others. This place is not safe for anyone now. And if it is safe it is safe only for powers that be.
Prakhar Mishra

Nandini Singh, Shivani Bhatnagar, Madhumita Shukla, Jessica Lall, and now Mehar Bhargava, all have one thing in common. They stood up for the right things and are all dead. It’s time me stood up.

Mehar killing is not an isolated case. But I am glad the media has taken interest to discourage such incidents. It is not that police do not know how to go about it but they develop cold feet when the high and mighty shelter criminals. Good governance is the key to healthy democracy and this is not possible unless the criminals whether in politicians or elsewhere are dealt with an iron hand. The laws should be amended if it is deficient in prosecution.
BK Verma

Attack on Mehar is most disturbing as it proves that even the rich and influential are not safe in Uttam Pradesh. Law and order went out of the window the day SP government walked in through the front  door.

I had only a nodding acquaintance with the Bhargavas. But, Mehar's death at the hands of a short-tempered young man with dubious political connections, reflects on the fact that our noble city is being taken over by hoodlums. Mehar has been the latest victim of the slide in law and order. She has gone but let us hope that the authorities at least will wake up to the crude reality that has taken over our lives in this city.  
M Subramanyam  

TN Khanna
Mehar's murder and police apathy prove that UP is still in the barbaric age. The question is how long the banditry in the state would continue? Times have changed and instead of kings we have the duly-elected democratic government. 

But it seems the feudal attitude has remained. One who dare challenge the henchmen of the rulers meets the fate of Mehar. This time let the rulers realise the might of the masses. 

—V.K. Joshi
Once the assailants of Mehar were arrested, they should be dealt with sternly by the police. They should be given life imprisonment.
Pankaj Bhatia

Let the girl go!

A rape, a murder, an acid throw,
Please man, please man,
Let the girl go,
Spare her life, Spare her chastity,
Be in your senses,
Don’t lose your sanity,
Like everybody else, she loves life,
Somebody’s sister, mother or wife,
Your lewd comments, assault and insult,
Give her immense pain and discomfort,
Brutal rapes, murders, injustice,
Gory and gruesome, no peace,
She is not from a weaker race,
But now scared of stepping out of her place,
As someone might be waiting around
To catch hold of her,
And knock her down,
Police’s a scarecrow, absolutely impotent,
Protects the criminals-highly affluent,
So we people, now need to rise,
Become more aware, wary and wise,
To treat the girl equal,
Treat her right,
Let nobody overpower her with his might,
Come to her rescue in the hour of need,
I request everyone,
I plead, I plead
Please man don’t attack her chastity,
Afterall she has brought you into this world,
And given you an identity.

Neha Goel, a final year student of Govt College of Architecture, Lucknow.

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