Cleaning out the Spiritual Closet
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Cleaning out the Spiritual Closet

As a person who has taken to Spiritual Path, it is time to clean out the Spiritual Closet, which you have kept full of unwanted things.

india Updated: Jan 19, 2004 15:32 IST

The science of Feng Shui has a very important basic premise - that is cleaning out physical clutter from our lives to allow the unhindered flow of beneficial energies for creating peace.

I would like to add something more to this wonderfully practical principle. As a person who has taken to the Spiritual Path, (and if you are reading this, you are definitely the chosen one for this task) it is now time to clean out the Spiritual Closet, which you have kept full of things that need to be released.

What is a Spiritual Closet? This is the room, which we have filled up with all the negative energies of every experience that we have undergone during our human life. For example, if we have had a fight with a certain neighbour, say some twenty or thirty years back, we still hold a residual energy of that negative experience in our Spiritual Closet.

Whenever we think of that particular neighbour, we bring back the energy of that time, and sort of relive it, adding more negative energy, before we lock it up safely, back into the Closet, to be removed and amplified, whenever the sadistic mood strikes us.

Now let us take this example further. If we have brought out this experience to be 'aired' in front of someone, then, instead of doing the above exercise, let us 'dry-clean' it until all negative energies are removed, and we can look at it in a way that makes us feel that it has been 'cleaned' out thoroughly, of all negative emotions, and we can observe it in an objective way, trying to see where we also were part of the cause of that problem.

This attitude will help us to easily forgive all concerned, and this experience has thus become spiritualised and clean. Perhaps we can also be fair enough to learn that we have, in some way, benefited by going through it, and that this lesson need not ever present itself to us, for learning, ever again.

When we do this exercise with all major negative experiences, we are actually cleaning out our Spiritual storehouse of all negativity. The refreshing feeling of 'lightness' that prevails after this, is reward in itself, for a happy future life.

We remove the heavy foundations of grudges, anger, revengeful feelings, and victim-consciousness, which keep dragging us back into human creation, and in the process find our spiritual feet, which will then take us forward lightly and joyfully, at rocket-like speeds, into realms that we would never have dreamt about!

First Published: Jan 19, 2004 15:32 IST