'Deepika and I have an interesting onscreen chemistry'

Saif Ali Khan’s life is rolling with all the ingredients of a perfect picture. Coming up next is Love Aaj Kal opposite Deepika Padukone. The actor feels that he is a little western and Deepika is a little earthy, which would make their chemistry interesting on screen.

india Updated: Jun 22, 2009 20:35 IST

Saif Ali Khan’s life is rolling with all the ingredients of a perfect picture

After producing

Love Aaj Kal

, what are the things you have learnt to do/not do as a producer?

I think that the food should be good and people should get paid on time.

You have two get-ups in the promos of

Love Aaj Kal

. Is it a double role?

Not really. The story is primarily about Jai who doesn’t believe in love. Jai follows his head; not his heart. But he comes across this person who tells him about his story when he was younger — I am playing that role too.

It’s quite confusing.

When you see the film it will be quite clear. Obviously Imtiaz is not going to make a film that's confusing. But there is a story within this story which involves a sardar.

How difficult was it to play a sardar?

It wasn’t so difficult. Costume designer Dolly aunty has been so perfect in dressing my character that a lot of sardarjis would be very proud to see an accurate and honourable representation.

Do you think you make a good pair with Deepika Padukone?

It looks refreshing; nice for a change. She is a new face and I have never worked with her before. Also, she has got a very Indian, grounded and mature quality onscreen. I feel her personality grounds my personality onscreen, just like Rani Mukherjee did. Maybe I am a little western and she is a little earthy. The mix makes for interesting onscreen chemistry.

Kareena was very keen to be part of this film. Being a producer you could have recommended her name.

Yeah but none of my directors listen to me [laughs]. We are looking forward to doing our next film

Agent Vinod


One has the feeling, a lot of love is happening in your real life


It’s true I have got a lot of love going on in my life, which is a good thing.

There is a kiss between Deepika and you in the film. Are there any other intimate scenes?

There are no more intimate scenes, fortunately otherwise …

Has Kareena watched the film?

Yes, she liked it.

First Published: Jun 22, 2009 19:22 IST