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Drink to the moon

Consult the lunar calendar for the best days to savour your favourite wines!

india Updated: Jun 06, 2010 16:19 IST

Some people use astrology to guide various life decisions. And apparently, popular stores in the United Kingdom such as Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Tesco look to the moon for guidance for best wine tasting days, as certain days may have an effect on tastiness. Maria and Matthias Thun, the authors of the book When Wine Tastes Best 2010: A Biodynamic Calendar for Wine Drinkers, claim each day can be defined as a “fruit, flower, leaf or root day” corresponding to the lunar calendar.

The tastiness of wine is based on the moon’s cycle, making fruit and flower days ideal for drinking while leaf and root days are considered not good. According to a May 10 post on PSFK, a business culture blog, Jo Aherne, a winemaker at Marks & Spencer, said, “Our wines showed beautifully at a press tasting one day and far less well the next. We couldn’t understand it. The wines were all favourites of ours and the bottles were all from the same case. Someone checked the calendar and we found that the first day had been a fruit day, when the wines were expressive, exuberant and aromatic, and the second a root day, when they were closed, tannic and earthy. Further, rather unscientific, tests have confirmed our view.”

Richard Woodward writes on, “Anyone saving those extra-special bottles for Christmas and the New Year might want to consult a new biodynamic tasting calendar — and hold off on the corkscrew.” Colin Harkness, of Costa News, says: “Any critics reading this might like to know that according to the Thun’s, and leading organic and biodynamic writer Hilary Wright, it has been shown that using biodynamic techniques can have a significant effect on the quality of produce.” So the next time you pour a glass, try consulting the moon (it’s free but may include strange looks) or Thun’s book.

The Biodynamic Calendar
According to the biodynamic principle, the lunar cycle affects all living things on the planet. Those who see wine as a living organism thus believe its taste is altered according to the days it is poured. The concept was put first put forth by German agriculture expert Maria Thun. According to the calendar, fruit and flower days are good days while root and leaf days are bad.

First Published: Jun 06, 2010 14:27 IST